Commendations Corner May-August 2019

Arrow Road: Johnkofi Amankwah, Lisa Anderson, Annunziata Campagna, Shawna Beaton, Peter Braiantsis, Carol Holgate, Marc Hollingsworth, Fere Kamkar, Jaspreet Madaharh, Javad Malik, Dan Mantescu, Oleh Metelsky, John Pacione, Joan Pitters, Jeremy Thome, Camika Titus

Birchmount: Kaleem Asghar, Dave Ballantyne, Ricky Barnes, Hendrick Blaauw-Hernandez, David Boothe, Joseph Buiza, Ioannis Contanas, Anthony Cornacchia, Mark Couvillon, Timothy Cullen, Christian DaSilva: “Great job to the driver who helped my mother in a wheelchair get into position. I was not on the bus, but saw all the help he was giving from outside. She is still a newbie with her chair.” … Salvador Dias, Samantha Druce, Andre Fabian, Joseph Facchini, Roscoe Fleming, John Foster, Ermine Gittens, Keith Gualtieri, Dale Hawtin, Neil Hermes, Jimmy Inthavong, Elizabeth Iozzo, Mohamed Jalloh, David Jardine, Justin Jarvis, Rezaul Khan, Rakesh Krishnan, Kirk Lewis, Amanda Mendes, Vanessa McKenzie, Sean McLean, Ildiko Nagy, Richard Nemeth, Ana Nenadic, Richard Ongcangco, Rady Osman, Douglas Pentland, Ernest Perera, Permanand Persaud, Mark Pontone, Eva Potiriadis, Raimondo Puopolo, Maurie Ramdial, Nuno Ribeiro, Shane Rouse, Roberto Ruffolo, Randy Schiller, Randall Shaw, Agata Sieron, Johanna Soliven, Vito Telesca, Shawn Wight

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan: “He was very patience and pleasant. Speaking to him was very easy. He listened and answered all of my questions and even gave me additional information, which was very helpful.” … Vijanti Damji, Keethica Ganeshalingam, Robin Houthuys, Mamta Mishra, Stefania Ragone, Margarita Salazar, Caroline Skrzypiec, Jeffrey Wen

Eglinton: Abdi Aden, Kanthakumar Alexander Alles, Noel Alleyne, Glenroy Als, Ahmad Ammar, Syed Athar, Normand Bouliane, Daniel Cawley, Leonie Charlton, Gary Chislett, Michael Clarke, William Connelly, Kostakis Costa, Priamarie Cotterell, Stephen Danohue, Peter Diakoloukas, Mike Di Salvo, Stephen Donohue, Jeffrey Dunn, Theresa Festo, Jermain Frank, Tibor Fuerst, Armen Ghazarian, Ellen Golding, Philippe Gweth Nanalh, Leda Halle, Tamar Harel, Greg Hill, Oliver Ignacia, George Karastamatis, Ben Kiarie: “Destination sign was broken so the driver had made a large note on paper with the bus number and words ‘Express Route’. He would hold it up at the stops he was supposed to stop as well as the other stops where he was not stopping to make sure waiting passengers would not get upset. Awesome and simple way to show care and keep everyone informed and safe. Thank you!” … Isacc King, Sylvie La Rouche, Christian Lola, Antoe Mangaleswaran, Shane Molto, David Moore, Nadirshah Nagji, Chantelle Niles, Nimesh Patel, Colin Pinder, Debra Raymond, Adrian Robinson, Andrew Ruckstuhl, Julie Schram, Regan Singh, Brian Sproule, Mihail Stamov, Michelle Stephenson, Dion Tabannah, Artur Tamazyan, Adam Tarkowski, Waymond Tavenier, Khanh Tran, Amanda Trebilock, Ryan Vanderwal, Norman Wilson, David Woolridge, Patrizio Ziccardi

Malvern: Denny Avezedo, Geron Bega, John Bolton: “Driver maintained remarkable composure in the face of extremely frustrating traffic. Reacted calmly to people trying to cut him off and used intelligent driving tactics to maintain presence and right of way.” … George Boulter, Audley Burke, Onkar Chechi, Paolo Cichella, Davy Colquhoun, Louise Couto, Paul D’Andrade, Jeremy Esselink, Marilyn Faraday, Alfred Gindl, Roger Gray, Imran Hamid, Kimberley Higgins, Jeanard Igwe, Gary John, Tyrone Jucaban, Rajbirender Kanwar, Ushanthan Kathirkamanathan, Ian Kerr, Georgios Koubridis, Hing Lee, Philip Leung, Maria Macpherson, Harinder Mandla, Kristie Marcotte, Judith Martin, Zia Moatar, Donald Proulx, Moises Quetulio, Nicolas Renda, Gurpreet Sekhon, Mark Stanford, Pirasanna Tharmakulasingam, Tan Tran, Wendell Williams, Giselle Whalley, Everton Young

Mount Dennis: Abdulahi Abdi, Ernest Adusei, Brian Alie: “The driver attentively waited for a woman to get on and into her seat. He could see that she had some difficulty with her walking, but it wasn’t something obvious. I could see him watching her in his rear view mirror and even though she really took her time I could see he cared for her not to fall. It was something so small, but so kind.” … Sergio Avelino, Sheereen Baksh, Milan Baric, David Boden, Holly Bonneau, David Boodram, Robert Chen, Nichola Cousins, Rudy Cruz, Jillian Darko, Brian De Melo, Edmond Dervishi, Balbir Dhillon, George Doukas, Irving Edwards, David Elrick, Damian Fernandes, Koby Grant, Jose Johnson, Mandeep Kang, Navjeet Kamra, Paul Kasulis, Tamara Lafayette, Brooke Langlois, Randy Lawrence, Joel Lloyd, Victor Maleek, Marco Mancini, Kishokanth Manooharan, Robert Marquette, Dino Naccarato, Anderson Neverson, Marcel Nobel, Teresa Piccolino, Victor Pires, Kamal Preet Sandhar, Lee Schwalb, Tomasz Serafin, Alwyn Stephenson, Evan St. Louis, Shannon Stoute, Alexandre Vasconcelos, Godwin Whitby, Dwight White, Robert Wilcox, Oliver Wilson, Sean Xavier

Plant Maintenance: Paul Assuncao, Zenaida Guira, Jose Ledesma, Sharon Stanley, Azeb Tewolde

Queensway: Kathleen Bannerman, Mario Boras, Giuseppe Ciardullo: “After approaching a three-car accident, he got out of the bus, helped direct traffic around and was very kind to one of the drivers involved in the accident, offering to let her come into the bus and keep warm.” … Peter Ginko, Fouz Homer, Piotr Idzik, Michael Maguire, Justin McCurbin, Cathie Moore, Natasha Noel, Avin Sharma, Peter Silva, Jennifer Singh, Kimberley Thompson, Ulrich Timm, Emanuel Tsimenidis, Errol Wilson

Stations: Clifton Campbell, John Marinos, Steve Rzezniczek

Streetcar Transportation: Dave Freitas, Thedore Grozdanis

Wheel-Trans: Chris Angelidis, Michael Brown, Aamina Bulbulia, Kayla Downey, Brenda Eadie, Justin Gagne, Eric Gottlieb, Shelley Hollingsworth, Tracy John, Kali Johnson, Catherine Koppejan, Ken Lowe, Diana Mendonca, Joshua Mifflin, Cheryl Mueller, Jessica Pack, Suzie Picozzi

Wilson: Aadil Abdullah, Robyn Barry, Helen Belhu, Jessica Brown, Jeffrey Cameron, Giselle Carasco, Joseph Del Campo, Angelo Di Muzio, Justin Eades, Edwin Galvez-Londono, Sotirios Giaouridis, Arshpreet Grewal, Peter Gullo, Angelo Kokkaliaris: “It has been a long day and insane on the roads, but he drove so well and we can’t thank him enough for his amazing work.” … Yiu Kwok, David Levine, Cory Melanson, Dave Noake, Samuel Otoo-Appiah, Pedro Paiva, Luigi Paolella, Joshua Playford, Lina Quaresma, Brian Richardson, Alberto Rodriguez, Khalil Seemaan, Andrew Stephen, Ada Tayeb, Jordan Thompson, David Walterhouse, Brittany Yorke, Jalal Zareik


2019 TTC Baseball Tournament

Congratulations to Arrow Road, Champions of the 2019 TTC Baseball Tournament. Organized by the Recreational Council, this year’s competition proved to be a fun and friendly competition. A barbecue was supplied for the enjoyment of all participants and the weather was perfect. Hats off to all the teams!

Arrow Road

Team Arrow Road, 2019 Champions!


Team Birchmount

Duncan Shop

Team Duncan Shop


Team Malvern

Malvern 2

Team Malvern 2

Mount Dennis

Team Mount Dennis


Team OTC


Team Queensway


Team Roncesvalles


Team Russell


Team Track and Structure


Team Wilson

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