Commendations Corner - September 2015

Arrow Road: Thomas Allan, Ilidio Andrade, Luschen Armstrong, Vince Czibok: “My jaw dropped, he had not only remembered the family that had been on his bus the day before, but he was trying to cheer up the crying child, making the ride a lot less frustrating for everyone.” … Syed Gillani, Deann Goldsworthy, Mykal Griffiths, Keith Herdsman, David Hoy, Courtney Lewis, Songsong Lin, Fabio Lio, Mike Kennedy, Richard Kirkaldy, Clifford Kristevski, Domenico Martino, Michael McNabb, Sergio Medeiros, George Mendes, Kevin  Micaleff, Michele Michaud, Frank Palermo, Teekah Persad, Joan Pitters, Frank Ragone, Franklin Robb, Hawan Sharma, Rosanna Siggia, Baljit Singh, Alastair Suttar, George Turczyn, Paul Vavaroutsos, Sohan Virk

Corporate Communications: Milly Bernal, Sarah Currie, Mike DeToma

Customer Communications: Alicia Fowlie, Harrison, Jamie Rosen, Oskar Westin

Customer Development: Mostafa Omran

Danforth: Aaron Foubister

Eglinton: Mauro Amato, Christina Atkinson, Tammy Blanchard: “This driver is excellent. Her sense of humour is great and she handles drunk people far better than I ever could.” … Russell Brett, Matthew Chau, Michael Clarke, Panayotis Diakoloukas, Michael Easthope, Jose Faminial, Shernette George, Linda Hachey, Mayurathan Kanagalingam, Chris Kozovski, Colin Mair, Walter McIsaac, Christou Panagiotis, Colin Pinder, Steven Sleightholm, Luigi Spada, Mark Stoeckle, Jason Treadwell, Paris Tryphonas, Vincenzo Viapiana, Marc Vujaklija, Curate Williams, David Woolridge, Steven Wrigley, John Yiouroukis, Tyrone Yorke, Harriet Younge

IT Services: Jason Ashwood

Malvern: Fekade Asfaw, Janice Camack: “Awesome bus driver at Steeles East, thank you for getting us home safely and being very calm about it.” …  Douglas Chassels, James Cook, Derick Diaz, Leonard Elliott, Matthew Gauthier, Pardeep Gautam, Roger Gray, Shaun Harper, Fourse John, David Judson, Colin McIntyre, Zia Moatar, Angelo Piccone, Kosmo Silimanis, Peter Stanislaus, Deidra Vassell

Materials/Procurement: Jason Brunaccioni

Mount Dennis: Josephina Ansah, Steve Baker, Kevin Borges, Baldwin Brown, Karleen Crossman, Edmond Dervishi, Balbir Dhillon, Valter Duarte, Adam Elfiki, David Elrick, Damian Fernandes, Leslie Fodor: “The driver realized that the girl had not taken a transfer though she was clearly intending to transfer to the subway. Although she had already disembarked he called her back to the bus to give her a transfer. It is most admirable that the driver remembered that the girl declined the transfer when she boarded, and realized she didn’t know she needed one, and went out of his way to make sure she could get onto the subway.” … Rajveer Garcha, Rocco Grieco, Brian Humphrey, Ana Pereira Jardin, Ashiq Jeddy, Ahmed Kabba, James Lockhart, Sergio Oliveira, Jorge Perez, Alain Sanchez Valdes, Lee Schwalb, Joanne Simpson, Jolette Thomas, Jason Thorne, Milton Valentine, Brian Yu

Plant Maintenance: Tony Falco, Teresa MacLeod, Jose Mislang, Frank Rosano, Paul Varahidis

Queensway: Vernand Bellavance

Roncesvalles: Ken Hopkins, Paddi Irvine, Terry Mannella, Mitchell Soares

Russell: Jessie Antonio, Maryna Butenko, Albert D’Cruz, Basharat Hayat, Karen Karnis, Dinesh Khujju, Jamie Lymer, Kevin Pett, Curt Richards, Luciano Sawal, Ricardo Taylor, Manuel Teles, Robert Thibodeau, Anne Thompson, Leighton Walters, George Zavos

Stations: Michael Castro, Rob Desantis, Roger Gramaliauskas, Moe Leblanc: “The amount of TTC customers who knew him by his first name and just stopped by to say hello and see how he was doing was incredible.” … Malcolm MacPherson, Milica Micevski, Sandesh Prashad, Tim Ryan, Erin Somerville

Transit Control: Pamela Thomas

Wheel-Trans: Iftikhar Ahmad, Anthony Annibale, Steve Beurling, Harry Blakey, Trevor Blunt, Keith Carvery, Andre Chiotti, John Corcoran, John Czindl, John Da Silva, Joven Datoon, Gil Dicion, Kevin Dill, Dave Ennis, John Ferguson, Philip Fermo, Norine Findlay, Dennis Flemmings, Evelyn Gartner, Elizabeth Grant, Casey Grenier, Corrado Guido, Steven Gwin, Ken Hall, Heather Hoover, Peggy Howard, Ben Hunter, Ed Jean-Baptiste, Jason Langley, Lise Laprise, Christina Martinez, Jim McCarthy, Karim Mohamed, Diane Muccilli, Boris Petrusiw, Marcon Portelli, Michael Powell, Quintin Rambaransingh, Anthony Reid, Joe Riendeau, Sergio Rizzo, Charles Robinson, Kim Ross, Bill Sibbitt, Annette Simms: “Annette was even more amazing than last time. She truly cares about customers and understands that sometimes it can be a difficult time for us,” … Mike Slade, Nat Spartinelli, Bill Traynor, Tony Tucci, Mati Ullah

Wilson-Bus: Sidney Baker, Giselle Carasco, Roberto Giraldi, Kastriot Hysenaj, Nathaniel Mahon, Matthew McLeod, Ahsan Mian, Quan Truong, Elif Uysal, Avinash Verma: “He is an exceptional driver who is very pleasant with riders, primarily the elderly and persons with disabilities, He is very professional and is very proud of representing the TTC.” … Michael Watson, Dror Zaig

Wilson-Subway: Siobhan Meneely, Elaine Mortenson, Georgia Tsoumbris


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