Commendations Corner - December 2015

Arrow Road: Mario Azzopardi, Lakhbir Boparai, Robert Burroughs, Marlon Davis, Shahin Derakhshandeh, Donna Duncan, Brian Dunham, Christopher England, Shaun Francis, Michael Garvey, Mykal Griffiths, Charles Hykel, Courtney Lewis, Michael Maguire, John McCabe, Frank Ragone, Delroy Rankine, Mario Rucci, Henry Shum, Rosanna Siggia, Nunzio Signore, Ranjit Singh, Jeremy Steed, Giancarlo Trimmeliti, Terry Turner, Paul Vavaroutsos: “Amazing driver greeted everyone as they entered the bus. This driver has personality plus.”

Birchmount: Anthony Captain, June Greer, Neil Hermes

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Elizabeth Foeller, Claudio Gasparini, Robin Houthuys, Catinca Lazar, Richard Leone, Nicole Morris, Moira Mullan

Eglinton: Esmael Abdurrahman: “My main compliment about him is when I was talking to him outside his bus, he was having a snack of raisins and nuts in a small container and he offered to me some, which I gladly accepted. His gesture in nature was small, but with a big message of humanity and soul-to-soul connection, which made my day a great day.” … Juleesa Anthony, Lisa Byrnes, William Curate, Michael Easthope, Wesley Ellington, Alfred Grimbleby, Michael Marges, Kirk McRae, Devon Nembhard, Patricia Paul, Prince Peprah, Daniel Price, Steven Wrigley, Harriet Younge

IT Services: Andy Young

Malvern: Gary Black, Michael Cummings, Zeno Felthman: “I ran to catch the bus and was in a hurry getting my tokens out as I boarded. I dropped three inside the bus. I was able to find one and deposited it, and eventually found another one. I was going to give up on the last one, but at the next stop the driver unfolded the platform and pointed out my lost token stuck in a crack. I really appreciated it. What a gentleman!” … Pardeep Gautam, Gary John, James Johnston, Graham MacDonald, Ellington McLeggon, Shelly Purdon, Anthony Ramjit, Barrington Smith, Paul Veerasammy, Sukhwinder Virk, Syed Zaidi

Mount Dennis: Abdulahi Abdi, Caitlyn Baker, Parget Banga, Kannav Bedi, Kevin Borges, Patricia De Gernier, Edmond Dervishi, Valter Duarte, Irving Edwards, Raphael Ellis: “On route before reaching Keele and Lawrence there was a massive accident where line ups of cars were stuck for over an hour. Raphael reached the bus stop before the accident and decided to go around the neighbourhood helping alleviate the congestion and continue with the trip instead of being stuck there for who knows how long. During our four-minute travel around the neighbourhood he made everyone laugh by showing us the houses for sale. Fun, fun, fun.” … David Elrick, Peter Garcia, Amandeep Grover, Anthony Gullo, Mingchung Lo, Devendra Narayan, Kiran Rampat, John Rocha, Nelson Rodrigues, Asim Shafique, William Wirtz

Plant Maintenance: Mahamud Abdi, Amy Norris, Sharon Stanley, Dillon Richards

Queensway: Bart Cieslikiewicz, Beth Kielty, Oluwole Kushimo, Carlo Naccarato, Jermaine Scott, David Zappi

Roncesvalles: Cameron Baxter

Stations: Paul Watkins

Transit Enforcement: Rob De Santis

Wheel-Trans: Farzad Akram, Zaldy Alba, Karen Amoss, Anthony Annibale, Adam Asghar, Jason Baker, Mariusz Barlog, Diane Crnojevic, Frank Currie, John Czindl, Joven Datoon, Anthony Delmedico, Margaret Dickinson, Luciano Di Pasquale, Ed Duncan, Christopher Edwards, Damien Egan-Wyer, Mike Eaton, Jake Foster, Amir Ganjbakhsfard, Cristina Garcia-Polanco, Mario Georgastellos, Mike Grasso, Mike Grieco, Stephanie Griffith, Eric Gottlieb, Casey Grenier, Rob Gullason, Peter Gunn, Anthony Gunpath, Chris Harwood, Christopher Heidinger, Giulio Iacono, Edme Jean-Baptiste, Danny Jeffries, Jay Kettlewell, Muhammad Khan, Cecil London, Lisann Mentor, Siddeek Mahmood, Christina Martinez, Dan MacLean, Adnan Mir, Sean Mooney, Jason Nimmo, Emmanuel Otoo, Kathy Paparizos, Joe Paton, Tyrone Pedro, Bill Petelka, Tony Policelli, Kenneth Pollard, Hari Rathod, Anthony Reid, Greg Rhodes, Melissa Richards, Louise Riggi, Charles Robinson, Mike Ruscica, James Spence, Peter Stancati: “The driver is sensational. He has a great sense of humour, as well is kind, helpful and very considerate.” … Kosta Stephanidis, Mitra Stergios, Dwight Thomas, Kyle Thompson, Bill Traynor, Marissa Wells, Ian Whelan, Rawle Wood, Mike Zinston, Brad Zuber


Special Constables particpated in Movember campaign.

Congratulations to Transit Enforcement on raising $6,737 last Movember (or November). Special Constables grew out their beards and moustaches to raise money for the Movember Foundation, a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier and longer lives by focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health and physical activity. Transit Enforcement Sergeant Jay Lawrence grew out his facial hair in grand style.

2015 Stuff-the-Bus campaign.

Last December’s Stuff-the-Bus and divisional campaign raised $60,000 is toy donations for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness. Congratulations to all the volunteers: Kevin Kane, Mark Giles, Selena Ali, Daniel Voce, Daniela Centofanti, Dino Riccio, Danny McGladdery, John Jones, Mike Clark, Eva Olha, Nadia Paul, Savannah Rumford, Nancy Rumford, Shannon Maidment, Sherry Maidment, Virginia Salsbury, Ariella Jones, Sara Webb, Melissa Brown, Ethan Cayer, Victoria Cayer, Milli Micevski, Dave Salisbury, John Bethune, Suzanne Salisbury, Jack Gajic and Mary Ellen Smith.

TTC employees, pensioners give big to United Way

Employees and pensioners raised $930,526 for the United Way of Toronto in 2015.

Bingo, pizza sales in the subway, payroll donations, a special trivia night and the annual TTC Idol and CN Tower Stair Climb are just a few of the numerous volunteer events held during this year’s fundraiser.

A cheque was presented at the campaign finale on Dec. 17 to the United Way by representatives from management, the unions and pensioners.

“Each year at this time our employees and pensioners play an incredibly important part in raising desperately needed money for the neediest in our community,” said CEO Andy Byford. “Congratulations to the TTC/United Way team, canvassers and donators for your unwavering generosity.”

2015 TTC/United Way Finale.

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