Commendations Corner - March 2015

Arrow Road: Sylvia Bailey, Kaushik Bera, Thushara Chandrasena, George Goncalves: “He has been great with communicating the York University situation (strike) to all so we can monitor the situation accordingly. A dependable and accountable person, he always called me with a solution.” … Mykal Griffiths, Paraskevas Ioannou, Kulwinder Lohtia, David Malloy, Frank Ragone, Franklin Robb, Ayodele Sanusi, Sukhjinder Singh

Birchmount: Victoria Chapman, Steven Gehring, Neil Hermes, Christophe Paulsen, Tina Pilgrim, Jeanann Smith

Corporate Communications: Sarah Currie

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Sandra D’Amato, Matthew Hurry, Janel Ishak, Hovig Kerkezian, Catinca Lazar, Arlene Quarshie, Jennifer Sealy

Danforth: Christine Avramov, Aaron Foubister, Ivan Petkovsky, Karol Sadurski

Eglinton: Nuradin Ahmed, Muhammad Ali, Christina Atkinson, Tameka Bailey, Ismail Bawa, Andrea Bell, Paul Biazon, Normand Bouliane, William Broad, Mo Brown, Devon Burry, Kirsty Campbell, Ahsan Chowdhury, Paolo Cichella, Nickesha Clarke, Keriann Craddock: “This driver was very friendly. Shev gave great directions, both TTC and walking, on how to get to the ROM. She was thoughtful enough to try to avoid the many potholes plaguing our city as best she could. What a lovely staff member.” … Liann Craig, Bernardo Dela Cruz, Roy Dobrijevich, Uhland D’Souza, Khali Elhaj Khalil, Mohamed Elkareem, Laslo Eter, Theresa Festo, Mark Gleeson, Shelley Hazelton, Ryan Heath, Clairmonte Henry, Gerald Heslop, Clivern Higgins, Kimberley Higgins, Michael Jackson, Stephen Jeffery, Christine Jewnandan, Nanor Kavassian, Imran Khan, Constantino Kotsopoulos, Chris Kozovski, Testen Lama, Sylvie Larouche, Marlon Levy, Jordi Mclauchlin, Paul Murphy, Prince Peprah, Daniel Price, Andre Riddell, Kevin Robertson, Angshuman Roy, Daniel Seltzer, Liling Shang, Deborah Shannon, Rajeseelan Shelliah, David Sheppard, Ryan Singh, Bruce Stafford, Samson Surenthiran, Risto Temelkovski, Amanda Trebilcock, Marc Vujaklija, David Ward, Norman Wilson, Laurie Woods, David Woolridge, Steven Yeo

Malvern: Louise Couto, Michael Cummings, Derick Diaz, Paul Farinha, Paul Garrett, Harley Johnson, Giselle Lohr, Ellington McLeggon: “The Operator of this vehicle was wonderful; I was on my way to work. The bus had already pulled away from the stop. Because I have a heart condition, I am forbidden to run so I knew I had no way to get to the next stop before the bus so I was just walking. I have no idea how the Operator knew I wanted the bus, but he stopped beside me and popped the doors open and waited for me. He greeted me with a huge smile and thumbs up. He truly made my day and I just wanted to acknowledge this  Operator and the great way he helped me.” … Shengkang Liao, Luis Olim, Richard Wafer, David White

Mount Dennis: Jorge Ames Vilches, Ross Bendle, Franklyn Best, Shirley Bishop: “She never seems to have a bad day. This morning she got all us commuters into a better mood with a cheerful PA announcement upon arrival at Runnymede Station, wishing us a happy Friday everyone!” … Kevin Borges, Nadim Chowdhury, David Coomby, Frank Costa, Terri-Lea Craddock, Anthony DeLuca, Michelle DeLuca, Balbit Dhillon, Emanuel Douldouras, David Elrick, Leslie Fodor, Ernie Goncalves, Jimall Harvey, Errol Hoilett, Antonio Ionadi, Daniel Ivany, Errol Jones, George Joseph, James Lockhart, Errol Miller, Anthony Morris, Donovan Nembhard, Parveen Pathak, Franco Pitruzzella, Dennis Richardson, Giuseppe Rizza, Danny Rosa, Igor Sepa, Baljit Singh, Rudy Singh, Eulalee Smith, Damjan Stanic, Jolette Thomas, Christopher Thompson, Conrad Wagenhoffer, Oliver Wilson

Queensway: Azadbir Brar, Edwardo Cavaco, Robert Coletta, Steven Fontana, Giuseppe Pittarelli: “With respect to the collision at Queensway and Vibe … He took charge and provided clear instructions to those onboard, all the while being attentive and kind toward individual customers.”

Roncesvalles: Raza Ahmed, Malik Ataul, Luis Barreiras, Mark Bingham, Derek Brackett, Asnia Conliffe, Pierre Fidalgo, David Freitas, Ryan Gourley, Colin Heaslip, Apostolos Kougias, Terry Mannella, Ann Nisiewicz, Barbara Ramsay, Steve Ramsumeer, Richard Rost, Mitchell Soares, Matilda Varga, Guida Verissimo, Stephen Welch, Mohamed Yusuf

Russell: Chris Abdulbaki, Jessie Antonio, Elias Argaw, Jason Bouwman, Chris Bourgeau, Dave Charles, Ben Escultor: “Please give your driver a high five and a gold star. Best streetcar driver I have ever had in 20 years.” … Robert Frayer, Sarojkumara Gnanasegaram, Glen Hughes, Karen Karnis, Josef Lavallee, Jamie Lymer, Kule MacKinnon, Billy Papas, Rajendra Prashad, Curt Richards, Stefan Rosetti, Carlos Santos, David Skeen, Duane Smith, Manny Teles, Rob Thibodeau, Sidney Vessey, Jason Watts, George Zavos

Stations: Jennifer Orchard, Ronan Vedad

Wheel-Trans: Derek Abdool, Chris Angelidis, Mohammed Arab, John Begg, Steven Bennett, Andre Chiotti, Kemtes Clarke: “I would like to commend this Operator for providing such great on-time service.” … Steven Fitzgerald, Stephanie Gobin, Elizabeth Grant, Richard Harrington, Celia Joseph, Lise Laprise, Larry Leblanc, Cecil London, Vishnu Maharaj, Christina Martinez, Christopher May, Andres Menendez, Karim Mohamed, Nigel Richardson, Jeffery Rock, Connie Rojas, Nicole Roomes, Chris Scott, Biagio Serra, Joan Shakuli, Bill Sibbitt, Peter Skarlatakis, Nat Spartinelli, Mitra Stergios, Shelina Thompson, Dominic Tucci, Andrea Waterman, Marissa Wells, Ataulmajeed Zafar

Wilson-Bus: Dexter Aqui, Ian Cainer, Mitchener Chapman, Troy Gregg, Gary Lee, William Lee, Rodrigo Maure, Jessie Mckinlay, Shabniz Mitha, Vito Peirri, Anil Prasad, Johnny Rimpel, Dorindo Simoes, Josephine Slark: “She is very skillful at her job and it was apparent that she loves what she does and love interacting with the public. When we got to the subway, she got on the PA and wished everyone a safe and awesome day. She thanked them for being a customer of the TTC … wow!!” … Heather Titus, Paolo Visani, Patrick Wright

Wilson-Subway: Fernando Bagnasco, Barb Sheridan


Toronto Paramedics Award to Operator Sukhdeep Dhaliwal.

Toronto Paramedics Services recently presented Arrow Road Operator Sukhdeep Dhaliwal with an award recognizing his efforts in providing care and support to a stabbing victim that approached him on his route. From left: Bus Transportation Acting Head Kirsten Watson, Dhaliwal, Manager Joan Briffa, Chief Service Officer Rick Leary and Toronto Paramedics Chief Paul Raftis.

Toronto Paramedics Award to Operator Wayne Ferreira.

Toronto Paramedics Services recently presented Malvern Operator Wayne Ferreira with an award for coming to the assistance of a woman performing CPR on a man without vital signs found lying on the road. Ferreira called for emergency assistance and helped perform CPR. From left: Ferreira, Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, Assistant Manager Keith McGill, award winner Lori McAuley and Toronto Paramedics Chief Paul Raftis.

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