Commendations Corner - November-December

Arrow Road: Brian Dunham, Ted Elliott, David Hoy, Rakeshkumar Patel, Diana Tulloch

Birchmount: Lionel Beadle, Clinton David, Donald Delay, Steven Galbraith, Devon Henry, Neil Hermes, Brian Osborne, Tina Pilgrim, Mark Pontone: “This is my very first time taking the TTC. I did not get his badge number, but I was so absolutely pleased with the way he told me he would get me to my destination, and the way he answered numerous questions from most of his passengers.” … Danisius Tisseverasinghe, Edward Wahl, Craig Walker

Customer Service Centre: Janel Ishak, Catinca Lazar, Nicole Morris, Jennifer Sealy

Danforth: Sherwin Barnes, Dane DeGale, Kimani DeGale, Robert Hayman, Leonard Pearce, Gus Samaras, Craig Telfer

Eglinton: Yuly Alvarez, Alex Anonov, Christina Atkinson, Tamika Bailey, Garfield Browne, Lincoln Bruney, Rohan Chambers, Fanglun Chai, Michael Chau, Ahsan Chowdhury, Timothy Cullen, Bernard Derksen, Peter Desousa, Andrew Feher, Nicole Florio, Andre Henery, Muhammad Ibrahim, Amaan Lalani, Jackie Lozer, John Mallia, Michael Marges, Tim Mitchell, Prince Peprah, David Reid, John Scherpenberg, Daniel Seltzer, Lindsay Taylor, Paul Taylor, Maxwell Thom, Kevin Toney, Jeffery Toulouse, Reward Villacres, David Woolridge, Steven Wrigley, Kevin Zenglein

Malvern: Scott Adams, John Brown, Douglas Chassels, James Cook, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Paul Garrett, Steven Hadfield, Veronica Harry, Jeanard Igwe, Thomas James, Grigorios Lagos, Renda Nicholas, Ulando Robinson, Gerald Southwell, Anthony Wallace

Mount Dennis: Oscar Arriaza, Parget Banga, Craig Brown, Ross Bendle, Kevin Borges, Josesilva Carvalheiro, Carlos Carvalho, Paul Culling, Sharon Davidson, Edward Pividori, David Elrick, Lisa Ivens, Anne Lawless, Levin Moci, Scott Northcott, Jeffrey Pinchuk, Franco Pitruzzella, Tony Porco, Constantin Sfetcos, Abdul Shaikh, Vito Tassone, Christopher Thompson, Christopher Veit

Pensions: Katelyn Steadman, Cheryl Uroda

Plant Maintenance: Kevan Black, Mike Ermen, Nicola Gallo, Emmanuel Manful, Aurelio Vinluan

Queensway: Marcus Aderemi, Thomas Alcantara, Roberto Mancini

Rail Cars/Shops: Danny Naccarato, Natale Ventricci

Roncesvalles: Fernando Bagnasco, Jeff Baker, Roman Dzerowicz, Paddi Ervin, Mike Frotten, Perry Howell, Daniel Krohmalnik, Reynaldo Matosas, John Miller, Mohamed Ousman, George Plaitis, Sharman Potechin, Barbara Ramsay, Richard Rost, Greg Shean, Mitchell Soares, Stephen Welch: “This TTC driver is a delight and making this commute much more manageable – he’s great!”

Russell: Sandra Armstrong Leat, Luciano Berardinetti, Vince Caputo, Raymund Dolina, Victor Esdelle, Renwick Felix, Glen Hughes, Marg Ketcheson, Morgan McGee, Charles Morrow, Curt Richards, Matilda Varga

Stations: Phil Foubister

Wheel-Trans: Frank Asiamah, Christina Atkinson, Michael Babsa, Dushan Barudzija, Steven Beurling, Alan Bouchie, Andrew Bourne, James Chang, Laurie Compton, Tara Cormier, Marlon Cooper, Anthony Cornacchia, Cristina Fornasier, Michael Hardie, Richard Harrington, Jim Da Silveira, Patricia Dickinson, Evelyn Gartner, Roger Gramaliauskas, Mike Greico, Heather Hoover, Yusuf Kaka, Christopher Karakousis, Simon Kelly, Andrew Kizik, Rajesh Lobo, Steve Kentish, Eric Mak, Cleveland Martin, Christina Martinez, Kylan Mason, Doran Maxwell, Stephanie McCanny, Donna Melnyk, Karim Mohamed, Daniel Myles, Brett Prosper, Murray Robertson, Hugh Spence, Mitra Stergios, Roxanne Walker, Clifton Wedderburn, Joan White

Wilson-Bus: Gregory Barrett, Jeffery Cameron, Ami Chand, Diane Crnojevic, Mario Dallo, Raul Galicia: “Driver is very polite and courteous and jokes with passengers and is an absolute delight and made the drive home very comfortable. Please send him my thanks.” … Carlo Giancola, Domenic Gouveia, Michael Machado, Everett McDaniel, Sharon McKiegue, Ahsan Mian, Lester Moseley, Arlen Ndreu, Vito Pierri, Crystal Tong, Heather Titus, Laisang Tsang, Moid Yassan, Mike Verma, Juliane Yeadon

Wilson-Subway: Chris Maraciuc, Barb Sheridan


Merit award to two TTC employees.

End Terminal Cleaners Natale Ventricci and Danny Naccarato were recently commended by CEO Andy Byford and ETC Project Manager Nikki Morgan for preventing a suicide in the subway.

Letter of appreciation

The following letter was received by Manager Tim Baubie on behalf of Mount Dennis Division:

Dear Mr. Baubie,

On behalf of the Cordella Junior Public School community, I would like to offer thanks for your recent donation of warm winter coats. As a Principal, it is reassuring to know that we can provide students with warm clothes should they be in need for any reason. Please extend these thanks to others who may have assisted with this donation.

Steve Smith
January 5, 2015

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COVID-19 positive tests update.

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Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Ames, Angelucci, Broadley, Demeda, Juss, Kelleher, Laitinen, Melhado, Puntillo, Saunders, Schiralli, Smith, Tessier, Tonks, Walden, Wice, Young.

Sending commendations

TTC employees are commended daily by customers – by phone, mail/e-mail, online on in person. All commendations that are received from customers should be forwarded to the Customer Service Section in the Customer Service Centre. This will generate a Customer Service Report (CSR), which is redirected to the employee’s work location to confirm his or her name and to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. The work location must forward a copy of the CSR to The Coupler in order to have an individual recognized in Commendations Corner. An employee being commended by another employee should be notified in writing, with a copy to The Coupler and to the employee’s work location or manager, to obtain permission to publish it in The Coupler. These commendations can be forwarded via internal mail to The Coupler Office in the McBrien Building, or by e-mail to

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