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2020 Briefs

1 January, 2021

People on the move

December 2020

Strategy & Customer Experience: Susanna Lee was appointed Acting Head – Farecard Team, effective December 7, 2020.
Streetcar Infrastructure: Peter Girimonte was appointed Manager – Overhead, effective November 29, 2020.
Wheel-Trans: Hanh Nguyen was appointed Administrative Assistant, effective November 29, 2020.

People on the move

November 2020

Streetcar Infrastructure: Richard Vella was appointed Manager – Overhead Engineering effective November 1, 2020.
Streetcar Infrastructure: Bryan Callaghan was appointed Manager – Streetcar Way effective November 1, 2020.
Streetcar Infrastructure: Peter Girimonte was appointed Acting Manager – Overhead effective October 25, 2020.

People on the move

October 2020

Wheel-Trans: Anastassia Chouryguina was appointed Acting Manager – Planning and Policy effective September 27, 2020.
Human Rights & Investigations: Courtney Laidlaw was appointed Human Rights Consultant effective September 21, 2020.
Wheel-Trans: Charlene Sharpe was appointed Acting Divisional Manager – Operations, Lakeshore Division effective September 20, 2020.

People on the move

September 2020

Diversity & Culture Group: Gemma Piemontese was appointed Interim Chief Diversity & Culture Officer effective September 21, 2020.
People Group: Megan MacRae was appointed Acting Chief People Officer effective September 21, 2020.
Corporate Services Group: Pierre Lagace was appointed Head of Procurement & Category Management effective September 21, 2020.
Operations Group: Amanda Sonier was appointed Head of Operations Support effective September 20, 2020.
Operations Group: Lynn Middleton was appointed Acting Head of the Transit Control effective September 13, 2020.
Human Resources: Poonam Pabla was appointed Acting Manager – Employee Relations, (Maintenance) effective September 8, 2020.
Human Resources: Scott Milne was appointed Acting Manager – Employee Relations (Transportation), effective September 20, 2020.
CEO’s Office: Christine Leach was appointed Acting Head of the Audit, Risk & Compliance Department effective August 14, 2020.

People on the move

September 2020

Strategy & Customer Experience Group: Angela Gibson was appointed Head of Strategy & Foresight effective August 31, 2020.
Strategy & Customer Experience Group: Wendy Reuter was appointed Head of Research & Analytics effective August 31, 2020.
Diversity and Human Rights: Kim Veller was appointed Diversity Consultant effective August 24, 2020.
Finance: Kurt Barrington was appointed Manager – Operating Budgets effective August 4, 2020.

People on the move

August 2020

People Group: Sal Maltese was appointed Acting Head of the Operations Training Centre effective July 27, 2020.
Subway Transportation: Shari Wills was appointed Manager – Danforth Division effective August 2, 2020.
Bus Transportation: Keith McGill was appointed Manager – Malvern Division effective August 2, 2020.
Bus Transportation: Jamal Richardson was appointed Manager – Birchmount Division effective August 9, 2020.

Bathurst Station Photo ID Centre opens

August 2020

The new accessible Photo ID Centre at Bathurst Station opened on August 4. TTC Photo ID cards for post-secondary students and Support Person Assistance Cards are both available at the new location. The photo ID facility at Sherbourne Station closed permanently in March.

From Employee Service Centre

July 2020

Annual student confirmation campaign

The annual student confirmation campaign will be underway beginning July 2020. TTC employees, with dependent children, between the ages of 21 and 25, enrolled in the benefit plan will soon receive a letter requesting confirmation of full-time student enrolment for the upcoming fall 2020 (September to December) and winter 2020 (January to April) academic year. This information can be obtained from the Registrar’s office or through the online student portal. The deadline to provide the required proof of full-time student enrolment is August 26, 2020, otherwise coverage for your over-21 dependent will terminate effective September 1, 2020. Kindly ensure that your address is current in order that you receive the correspondence in a timely manner. For address updates, please contact the Employee Service Centre at 416-362-7547 or by e-mail at

Operational changes effective on July 2

June 2020

Starting on July 2, 2020, employees and customers will be required to wear a mask or face covering (with some exceptions) when travelling on the TTC. In addition, the TTC will resume collecting cash, tickets and tokens, as well as distributing paper transfers, on all buses. Riders will also be allowed to board buses through the front or rear doors. Customers paying by cash, tickets or tokens should use the front door, obtain a transfer and keep it with them as their Proof-of-Payment. Customers using Presto can enter the bus through either door and must tap their Presto card or Presto Ticket on the reader as they enter. The TTC Board approved these changes as part of the TTC’s recovery plan at its meeting on June 17.

From Property, Planning and Development

May 2020

Inglis Building passenger elevator will be out of service starting June 3

The Inglis Building passenger elevator, located at the north entrance of the building at Hillcrest, will be out of service from June 3, 2020 until at least October 21, 2020.

We recognize that this presents a challenge for employees or visitors who require the use of the elevator to physically access the upper floors. Please circulate this notice so they are aware of this elevator closure.

If you are aware of any employees that require an accommodation or if employees report to you that they require an accommodation, please immediately advise Rossanna Marcossian, Development Co-ordinator with Property, Planning and Development at 647-458-0951,

People on the move

May 2020

Vehicles Group: Frank Trianni was appointed Acting Head of Streetcar Maintenance effective April 26, 2020.
Streetcar Maintenance: Frank O’Neill was appointed Acting Manager of Streetcar Carhouses effective April 26, 2020.
Rail Cars & Shops: David Cotter was appointed Foreperson – McCowan Carhouse effective March 30, 2020.
Rail Cars & Shops: Catinca Lazar was appointed Shops Office Clerk – Greenwood Shop effective March 29, 2020.
Rail Cars & Shops: Leonardo Candeloro was appointed Foreperson – Wilson Carhouse effective March 25, 2020.
Rail Cars & Shops: Rajeen Shanmuganathan was appointed Foreperson – Greenwood Carhouse effective March 25, 2020.
Rail Cars & Shops: Robert Johnson was appointed Supervisor – Greenwood Shop effective March 22, 2020.

People on the move

April 2020

CEO’s Office: Shabnum Durrani was appointed Head of the Corporate Communications Department effective March 30, 2020.
Safety & Environment: Christine Triggs was appointed Acting Manager – SH&E Policy & Strategy effective until July 10, 2020.
Safety & Environment: Scott Cameron was appointed Acting Manager – Safety Operations effective until June 6, 2020.
Safety & Environment: Jennifer Cerini was appointed Acting Senior Safety Inspector effective until August 15, 2020.

Office moves

April 2020

Staff from Procurement and Category Management moved from Hillcrest to offices at North York Centre, 9-5140 Yonge St. (above North York Centre Station).
Staff from Vehicle Programs moved from 250 Bloor St. to offices at North York Centre, 9-5140 Yonge St. (above North York Centre Station).

From Employee Development

March 2020

In response to COVID-19, effective March 17, all Employee Development classes (i.e. Leadership Development, professional development, first aid) will be postponed until April 6, 2020 at the earliest. Participants will be automatically withdrawn from Pathlore and cancellation notifications will be sent. For those participants who are scheduled for in-person training from an external vendor, note that many of them have suspended their offering or are alternatively providing a virtual experience. If your session is still scheduled, please speak to your Supervisor for the best course of action. For more information please call Kimna Seto at 416-393-3566.

ATC extended to Queen Station

February 2020

Subway operations on Automatic Train Control (ATC) signalling was extended to Queen Station on Feb 24. ATC is now in service between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Queen stations – more than half of Line 1 Yonge-University. As part of the work, a train cross-over was added north of King Station, providing more train flexibility during operational issues on Line 1. The next extension is planned for Rosedale Station in November. The entirety of Line 1 is scheduled to be converted to ATC by September 2022.

People on the move

January 2020

Deputy CEO’s Office: Robert Ricciuti was appointed Head of Service Delivery Control (acting) effective January 19, 2020.
CEO’s Office: Betty Hasserjian was appointed Chief Safety Officer (acting) effective January 11, 2020.
People Group: Dhaksayan Shanmuganayagam was appointed Head of the IT Services Department effective January 9, 2020.
CEO’s Office: Natalie Poole-Moffatt was appointed Chief Corporate Affairs Officer effective January 6, 2020.
Plant Maintenance: John Perri was appointed Manager – Communications Maintenance effective December 29, 2019.

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