Summer Snaps 2017

Thank you to TTC employees and pensioner summer snappers! Please enjoy our summertime photo gallery below (double click on the photos to view full size).

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  1. Enjoying the summer breeze.

    Photo courtesy: Tomas Makacek
  2. The Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

    Photo courtesy: Bruna Augurusa
  3. A mare and her foul on a sunrise stroll at Monument Valley, Utah.

    Photo courtesy: Gerry Conveny
  4. A cliff-side squirrel taking in the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

    Photo courtesy: Gerry Conveny
  5. Spear fishing earlier this year at Rendezvous Beach, Antigua and Barbuda.

    Photo courtesy: Harish Singh
  6. Fishing off the shore in the beautiful summer sun with my family, enjoying life.

    Photo courtesy: Francesco Martino
  7. With my partner, Stephen, at Rio Secreto, Mexico.

    Photo courtesy: Bobbi Kavanagh
  8. Enjoying Oxtounge Falls in Muskoka.

    Photo courtesy: Michael Sage
  9. Canada Day long weekend fun with family in Huntsville.

    Photo courtesy: Mahshid Ansari
  10. Standing strong at shore line.

    Photo courtesy: Vaibhav Sharma
  11. Back from a fantastic trip to Japan and I got just the shot I wanted.

    Photo courtesy: Andy Byford
  12. With my family on our Hawaiian cruise.

    Photo courtesy: Stephen Rambali
  13. Beautiful sunset on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    Photo courtesy: Noor Al-Shaikh
  14. Lost myself to time and beauty of Toronto’s waterfront this summer

    Photo courtesy: Swasini Sudarsan
  15. Streetcar cable cars in San Francisco.

    Photo courtesy: Julie Schram
  16. My dancer daughter who loves to do flips in the air every sunny trip we take.

    Photo courtesy: Noor Al-Shaikh
  17. Little colourful fish caught and released in Ontario.

    Photo courtesy: Paul Radcliffe
  18. Evening at City Hall on Canada Day.

    Photo courtesy: John DiNunzio
  19. Paddling in Jamaica with my nephew, Daniel.

    Photo courtesy: Philip Jules
  20. Touching the top of the Washington Monument.

    Photo courtesy: Stuart Green
  21. Summer Rain in Tobermory, Bruce County.

    Photo courtesy: Denise Jayawardene
  22. My summer snap of Nice, South of France.

    Photo courtesy: Jeta Haxhimanka
  23. My summer snap of Valbona Riber, North of Albania.

    Photo courtesy: Jeta Haxhimanka
  24. Noah fishing off the dock.

    Photo courtesy: Shawn Silva
  25. Kids enjoying a summer snack.

    Photo courtesy: Shawn Silva
  26. Rayah does her daddy’s hair.

    Photo courtesy: Shawn Silva
  27. In the Dominican Republic earlier in the year.

    Photo courtesy: Dana Dyer
  28. My 19-month-old, Aiden, smiling after we brought him to Ripleys.

    Photo courtesy: Irene Pan.
  29. Sunset on Lake Erie at Sherkston Shores.

    Photo courtesy: Jason Banfield
  30. Jumping for joy on our wedding day.

    Photo courtesy: Samantha Landrigan
  31. My daughter, Sydney, on the swing at Magwood Park.

    Photo courtesy: Deanna Brown
  32. Children, Devin and Sydney, on a walk at Victoria Park in Kitchener.

    Photo courtesy: Deanna Brown
  33. Kicking back with my Aussies, Storm and Lydia, at West Rouge Beach.

    Photo courtesy: Janet Weller
  34. Hiding behind a tree with Brio, my dog, in Thornbury.

    Photo courtesy: Jane Garofalo
  35. Sunset at Wasaga Beach.

    Photo courtesy: Jane Garofalo
  36. Scenic Thornbury Harbour

    Photo courtesy: Jane Garofalo
  37. At Caribbean Carnival this summer.

    Photo courtesy: Fitzgerald Graham
  38. Sunrise on Mt. Robson at Berg Lake Campground

    Photo courtesy: Frances Zeng
  39. Summer sailing on Lake Ontario ...The Better Way!

    Photo courtesy: Brent Gasson
  40. Most of my grandkids at the 2017 Sutton Fair.

    Photo courtesy: Richard Horn
  41. With my boys, Xavier and Ezequiel, in Portugal

    Photo courtesy: Lazaro Igreja
  42. Ancient columns in Portugal.

    Photo courtesy: Lazaro Igreja
  43. Yellow streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal

    Photo courtesy: Lazaro Igreja
  44. On Marco Island, located in South West Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

    Photo courtesy: Pasquale Trentadue
  45. Our daughter, Leia, enjoying a nice evening in Matera, Italy.

    Photo courtesy: Oriana Epilli Bottoni
  46. My granddaughter, Violet (right), visiting Pioneer Village.

    Photo courtesy John O Grady.
  47. Taken at Indian Head Cove, Bruce Peninsula Park.

    Photo courtesy: Roy Tejares
  48. At the Toronto Air Show on Labour Day weekend.

    Photo courtesy: Roy Tejares
  49. Checking out the Beluga Whales at Marineland.

    Photo courtesy: Kevin MacLeod
  50. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Great weather the whole time. Being a Game of Thrones fan, it was cool to see where they shot some of the scenes. Photos really don’t do this city justice!

    Photo courtesy: Kirsten Walker
  51. The backside of Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.

    Photo courtesy: Frances Zeng
  52. My First Summer. My First Bike Ride. My nine-month-old daughter, Cecelia.

    Photo courtesy: Colin Wilkes
  53. Temple in Bangalore, India!

    Photo courtesy: Avery Wideman
  54. Detail of stone work from 8th century palace in Alhambra, Granada, Spain

    Photo courtesy: Predrag Petrovic
  55. Iguana posing in St. Martin

    Photo courtesy: Predrag Petrovic
  56. A rainbow arcs into Ontario’s North Channel.

    Photo courtesy: Bernie O Reilly
  57. Taking a “bite” from the Tower of Hercules in La Coruna, Spain, the oldest Roman lighthouse in use today.

    Photo by Oscar Devesa
  58. Enjoying a beautiful weekend with the family along Georgian Bay shores.

    Photo by Oscar Devesa
  59. Enjoying real summer – 48 degrees C in Marrakech, Morocco.

    Photo courtesy: Naeem Ahmad
  60. End of the road at Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

    Photo courtesy: John Settino
  61. On board Harmony of the Seas. Met Kelsey Grammar who is a gentleman and a scholar! And had the honor of being an extra in his film.

    Photo courtesy: Gary Juhasz
  62. My daughter onboard the Thomas Train.

    Photo courtesy: Carl Vella
  63. London Eye, River Thames and Big Ben, in London, England.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  64. Banff Town, Mount Rundle and Goat Range from Mount Norquay, Alberta.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  65. Stunning view of Peyto Lake, Alberta

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  66. Fresh Northern Pike from Lake Muskoka.

    Photo courtesy: John Settino
  67. My son, Ian, with a nice halibut caught off Tofino, B.C. on our annual fishing trip.

    Photo courtesy: Brian Hoag

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