Summer Snaps 2015

Thank you to all summer snapping employees and pensioners! Please enjoy our summertime photo gallery below (double click on the photos to view full size).

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  1. Julia, 5, loves fishing, unhooks them and puts them right back in the lake.

    Photo courtesy: Eliana Anton
  2. My husband and children jumping off the dock all day long.

    Photo courtesy: Elianna Anton
  3. Corvin Castle, a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania.

    Photo courtesy: Gabriela Dana Ilies
  4. With my daughter, Raluca, on Burano Island, Venice, Italy - famous for lace and coloured houses.

    Photo courtesy: Daniela Serban
  5. Hopewell Rocks, situated off the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick - home of the famous flower pot rock formations.

    Photo courtesy: Mike Macas
  6. Family trip to Taiwan.

    Photo courtesy: Will Halina
  7. Portage between Canoe Lake and Joe Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park. A rite de passage to becoming a proper Canadian!

    Photo courtesy: Andy Byford
  8. Our early evening ritual on Three Mile Lake.

    Photo courtesy: Brian Li
  9. A beautiful clear night on Three Mile Lake. Campfire, glass of wine, lake, moon and the stars.

    Photo courtesy: Brian Li.
  10. An August sunset overlokking teh Gulf of St. Lawrence, Cape Breton.

    Photo courtesy: Joan Taylor
  11. Circle of sandy sandals.

    Photo courtesy: Meghan McKeon
  12. Inglis Falls Conservation Area, Owen Sound.

    Photo courtesy: Denyse Cowan
  13. Newborn and hungry baby robins.

    Photo courtesy: Denyse Cowan
  14. Busy bee at work.

    Photo courtesy: Denyse Cowan
  15. Blakc Swallowtail butterfly.

    Photo courtesy: Denyse Cowan
  16. Intersection of Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht canals, Amsterdam.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  17. Reichstag building housing the German Parliament, Bundestag, Berlin.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  18. My kids, Lusin and John, set to make a big splash on Clark Lake, near Bancroft.

    Photo courtesy: Peter Janas
  19. Stopping in at iconic post office in Luckenbach during my motorcycle trip to Texas Hill Country, a region in central Texas.

    Photo courtesy: Gord Friedrich
  20. Climbing Whiteface Mountain.

    Photo courtesy: Andrew Davidson
  21. Trip to Virginia. Toured the Battleship Wisconsin.

    Photo coutesy: Victor Lefebrve
  22. Family trip to Gaspe and Perce, Quebec.

    Photo courtesy: Chrissy Joseph
  23. Family trip to Gaspe and Perce, Quebec.

    Photo courtesy: Chrissy Joseph
  24. Dock spider!

    Photo courtesy: Peter Ashbourne
  25. PanAm Games bike race through my nieghbourhood.

    Photo courtesy: Will Halina
  26. Sunset from Lake of Bays.

    Photo courtesy: Massimo Lavecchia
  27. Blue Jays celebrated Turn back the Clock weekend and it was amazing to meet my heroes, Jessie Barfield and Lloyd Moseby.

    Photo courtesy: Randy Meredith
  28. Row of monkeys in Taiwan.

    Photo courtesy: Will Halina
  29. My three-year-old boys loved their first time in the ocean, Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia.

    Photo courtesy: Mimi Li Mulhall
  30. My son, Nathaniel, on the playground with a view of the Matterhorn, in Switerland.

    Photo courtesy: Matt Brown
  31. First time taking the family to Bluffer’s Park Beach. What a surprise!

    Photo courtesy: Co Ly
  32. With my wife, Meena, in Amalfi. Italy.

    Photo courtesy: Stephen Rambali
  33. Rayah and Noah hug. I'm a proud dad!

    Photo courtesy: Shawn Silva
  34. At the finish line at Adventure Races.

    Photo courtesy: Matthew Reynolds
  35. Always a good day at Lake Dalrymple.

    Photo courtesy: Patrick Zeppieri
  36. Sophie sitting on the dock of the bay.

    Photo courtesy: Martin Bamford
  37. Visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin where a bunch of former TTC streetcars are alive and well.

    Photo courtesy: William Wirtz
  38. My son, Jeff, and his girlfriend, Robin, hiked the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine.

    Photo courtesy: David McConkey
  39. My daugher, Eva, enjoying the splash pad at Jack Darling Park.

    Photo courtesy: Carl Vella
  40. Medieval castle overlooking Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.

    Photo courtesy: Sash Pavlovski
  41. Lizard spotting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Photo courtesy: Noor Al-Shaikh
  42. Jersey family vacation.

    Photo courtesy: Mike Connolly
  43. Picked up my camera and waited for Osprey to go fishing!

    Photo courtesy: Andy Mehl
  44. Summer snap of Centreville rollercoaster ride.

    Photo courtesy: Alan Lyons

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