Summer Snaps 2014

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  1. Flamingos in Rivera Maya, Mexico.

    Photo courtesy: Noor Al-Shaikh
  2. Acrobactics in Rivera Maya, Mexico.

    Photo courtesy: Noor Al-Shaikh
  3. Foot bridge near Cataract Falls in Caledon.

    Photo courtesy: Ashish Punde
  4. Candy-stripped sunset after an evening of fishing.

    Photo courtesy: Andy Mehl
  5. Kayak on the Chikanishing Creek leading to Geogian Bay.

    Photo courtesy: Mark Fleminger
  6. Vactioning in Montenegro and Serbia with my wife, Olivera.

    Photo courtesy: Bato Vukovic
  7. Vacation trip through Montenegro and Serbia.

    Photo courtesy: Bato Vukovic
  8. In front of Torre Agbar, 38-storey skyscraper in Barcelona, Spain.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  9. At the Porch of the Caryatids, Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

    Photo courtesy: Salek Seraj
  10. Jasper, my seven-month-old Chihuahua riding a wake board on Georgian Bay.

    Photo courtesy: Catherine Kagetsu
  11. Sunday fun day at the magnificant Toronto Harbourfront with my daughters, Riya and Sofiya.

    Photo courtesy: Hasiba Esmatyar
  12. Family photo at our Via Farrata adventure at Mount Tremblant National Park.

    Photo courtesy: Marc Girard
  13. Arrival on Plymouth Rock, landing place of the pilgrims.

    Photo courtesy: Andy Byford
  14. Sawyer Glacier is about one hour away from Juneau, Alaska.

    Photo courtesy: Randi Meilach
  15. Hubbard Glacier is in a place called Hubbard Bay, northern most point on our Alaskan cruise.

    Photo courtesy: Randi Meilach
  16. Viking burial mounds in Old Uppsala, Sweden.

    Photo courtesy: Oskar Westin
  17. Sunset at midnight in Olernskoeldsvik, Sweden.

    Photo courtesy: Oskar Westin
  18. Super moon over Whiffen Spit in the town of Sooke on Vancouver Island.

    Photo courtesy: Mary-Ann George
  19. Mackinac Island, Michigan, a car-free island where public transit is horse-drawn carriages.

    Photo courtesy: Peter Bartz
  20. Beachfront relaxing with my twin daughters, Maggie and Jo.

    Photo courtesy: Jay Robertson
  21. Dangerous bird seen after crossing Capilano Bridge in Vancouver.

    Photo courtesy: Predrag Petrovic
  22. Grizzly bear that did not eat me because of eletrified fence between us at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.

    Photo courtesy: Predrag Petrovic
  23. My summer holiday at the cottage with my 13-month-old puppy, Brady.

    Photo courtesy: Lindsey Young

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