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2014 Customer Charter

2/17/14 12:42 PM

2014 Charter commitments already underway

The TTC launched its 2014 Customer Charter at Bloor-Yonge Station on Feb. 14.

Message from the CEO | 2014 Customer Charter 

This year’s promises continue to build on the TTC’s vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud and the ongoing top-to-bottom modernization of the organization through the Five-Year Corporate Plan, said CEO Andy Byford.

“Last year, we launched our inaugural Customer Charter – 31 time-bound customer service improvements – and we delivered on those commitments,” he said. “This year we are raising the bar and announcing 39 customer service initiatives that will be delivered over the course of 2014. We are determined to be customer-led.”

Here are the 39 time-bound commitments:
> Conduct five Meet-the-Manager sessions each quarter.
> Hold an annual TTC Customer Town Hall, quarterly TTCrider Town Halls, an annual TTC Public Forum on Accessible Transit, and TTC online Town Halls via Twitter at least six times a year.
> Post the performance of all surface routes on ttc.ca so riders know how their route is performing.
> Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Mystery Shopper Surveys each quarter.
> Ensure streetcar, bus and subway service is reliable and on time. Success will be measured through daily and monthly scorecards.
> The TTC won’t hide from mistakes. If there are problems with service, the TTC will be clear about what happened and what it’s doing to fix it.
> The TTC will answer the phone in less than 120 seconds. Ninety-nine per cent of complaints filed will be addressed within five days, and reviewed and responded to within 15 business days.
> The TTC will make sure that the ramps and stop announcements on vehicles are working properly.
> The TTC will do its best to communicate clearly with customers in advance of any plans, such as construction or repairs that closes or changes service.
> Nothing is more important than safety. The TTC will ensure customers feel safe and secure while riding on vehicles or while in stations.
> Use new wayfinding signage at Bloor-Yonge and St George stations to improve signage at all stations.
> Determine if new stop pole design on 94 Wellesley pilot was helpful to customers and if it should be expanded to all TTC routes.
> Install another 60 digital custom information displays.
> Ensure all signage at Collector Booths is clear and the same in every station.
> Post two videos each quarter to keep all TTC customers and the general public up to date on TTC activities and operations.
> Add 20 bus Route Supervisors on city streets.
> Issue all Janitors with a professional uniform, and begin rollout of a new uniform to all Operators and Collectors.
> Make purchasing fares easier by enabling all Collectors to accept debit or credit cards to buy a wider range of tickets, tokens and passes.
> All Pass Vending Machines will also accept credit cards.
> All monthly escalator inspections will be scheduled during off-peak hours.
> Have more TTC merchandise available for purchase.
> Add 20 more Fare Enforcement Officers.
> Establish a special task force made up of the TTC Chair, the TTC Chief Executive Officer, the City Manager, the TTC Chief Financial and Administration Officer and the City Chief Financial Officer to seek long-term capital and operating funding from senior levels of government.
> Toronto Rocket trains will operate exclusively on the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway.
> Introduce new, accessible streetcars on the 510 Spadina line. Those will include conveniences like Presto devices, all-door entry and air conditioning.
> Articulated buses will be running on seven routes: 7 Bathurst, 29 Dufferin, 36 Finch West, 63 Ossington, 6 Bay, 85 Sheppard East and 53 Steeles East.
> Add Presto to three new subway stations and equip all new, accessible streetcars.
> Upgrade speakers in five subway stations each quarter.
> Replace/repair wall tiles at four stations; stairs at four stations; and floors at nine stations.
> Begin the construction of the Wellesley Station second exit.
> Open the new second platform at Union Station.
> Begin construction of the Woodbine Station easier access project, including a second exit.
> Begin construction of the St Clair West Station easier access project.
> Near completion of the Lawrence West Station easier access project and open to customers.
> Near completion of the Dufferin Station modernization project, including accessibility, second exits and other features.
> Complete a spring cleaning of every station, including bus bays, passenger pick-up locations, station entrances and train platforms, and with special attention to gum removal, graffiti, station signage, telephones, benches, trash containers, elevators and stairs.
> Complete a fall cleaning that will target every station in the system.
> A further third of stations will have floors reconditioned to a polished finish.
> All platform lighting with be washed and the bulbs replaced each quarter. By year’s end, 70 per cent of all station mezzanines and entrances will also have their lights washed and bulbs replaced.

“We have spent the last three years intensely focused on improving customer service and I’m so proud of the nearly 13,000 employees that come to work every day and join us in our mission to improve the experience of our riders each and every day,” said TTC Chair Karen Stintz.

For the complete 2014 Customer Charter, please visit ttc.ca.

CEO Andy Byford and TTC Chair Karen Stintz at Bloor-Yonge Station on Feb. 14.

CEO Andy Byford and TTC Chair Karen Stintz at Bloor-Yonge Station for charter launch on Feb. 14, 2014.

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