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June-July Board Period Services Changes

TTC pride bus in service. 6/21/20 10:12 PM

Starting on Sunday, June 21, the TTC will be making the following service adjustments:

Seasonal service adjustments
Typical service reductions during the summer months on many peak period services across the system will not be made this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduced levels of service already scheduled since May 2020 will continue on many routes.

The following seasonal services will be scheduled to operate starting June 21, 2020:
> 86 Scarborough – early evening shuttle service between Meadowvale Loop and Toronto Zoo.
> 92 Woodbine South – increased service frequency in the afternoon and early evening and weekends.
> 121 Fort York-Esplanade – seasonal service extensions to Ontario Place and Cherry Beach.
> 175 Bluffer’s Park – seasonal weekend service.

Service increases
> Additional bus trips will be scheduled to overlay on corridors with busy ridership in order to reduce crowding for customers. These routes are:
7 Bathurst
24 Victoria Park
29 Dufferin
34 Eglinton East
35 Jane
39 Finch East
41 Keele
52 Lawrence West
54 Lawrence East
86 Scarborough
102 Markham Rd
165 Weston Rd North

Construction projects beginning
> Trackwork at Bathurst Station will close the intersection in front of the station and require diversions on the 511 Bathurst and 7 Bathurst, and temporary operation of 512 St Clair from Hillcrest Yard – June 2020 to August 2020.
> High Park Loop and Howard Park Avenue track reconstruction and streetcar overhead upgrade – June 2020 to October 2020. Streetcars on all of 506 Carlton replaced by buses. Further changes to come in the fall of 2020.

Service Changes – Bus

7/307 Bathurst
511 Bathurst

> Temporary route change – TTC construction
Customer impact: Major
Effective date: June 21, 2020 to September 5, 2020
Due to reconstruction of streetcar track on Bathurst Street, at Bathurst Station, and the closure of the bus and streetcar loop, 7 Bathurst, 307 Bathurst, and 511 Bathurst buses are required to divert to Spadina Station:
> 7 Bathurst buses will divert in both directions via Dupont Street and Spadina Road.
> 511 Bathurst buses will divert in both directions via Harbord Street and Spadina Avenue.
> 307 Bathurst buses will divert in both directions via Dupont Street, Spadina Road, Spadina Avenue and Harbord Street.

There will be no service on Bathurst Street between Dupont Street and Harbord Street. Pedestrian access at Bathurst Station will be maintained at all times. 511 Bathurst and 307 Bathurst service south of Front Street West will continue to divert via Front Street West, Spadina Avenue and Fort York Boulevard.

92 Woodbine South
> Seasonal service increase
Customer impact: Minor
Effective date: June 21, 2020 
Service will be increased in the afternoon peak period and early evening, from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday, Sundays and holidays to accommodate increased summer ridership to and from the lake shore.  On weekends, service will be scheduled every five-to-six minutes during the daytime.

121 Fort York-Esplanade
> Seasonal service change
Customer impact: Moderate
Effective date: June 21, 2020
Service will be extended to Ontario Place/Trillium Park and Cherry Beach at all times. All service will operate on the 121D (Ontario Place-Cherry Beach) branch. Service will continue to operate via Blue Jays Way and Navy Wharf Court.

175 Bluffers Park
> Seasonal service change
Customer impact: Major
Effective date: June 21, 2020
Seasonal service will be operated between Kennedy Station and Bluffer’s Park. Service will operate every 15 minutes during the daytime and early evening on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Service Changes – Streetcar

501 Queen
> Temporary route change
Customer Impact: Moderate
Effective date: June 21, 2020
Service on the 501 Queen will temporarily operate as a single route from Long Branch to Neville Park at all times. Service will operate every 10 minutes, all day.

503 Kingston Rd
> Streetcar operation
Customer impact: Minor
Effective date: June 22, 2020
Streetcars will operate between Bingham Loop and Charlotte Loop.
Routing details
Eastbound: From King/Charlotte (Charlotte Loop) via east on King Street, east on Queen Street East, north and east on Kingston Road, north on Bingham Avenue to Bingham Loop (Victoria Park). Westbound: From Bingham Loop (Victoria Park) via south on Victoria Park Avenue, west and south on Kingston Road, west on Queen Street East, west on King Street, north on Spadina Avenue, east on Adelaide Street West, south on Charlotte Street to King Street West (Charlotte Loop).

506 Carlton/306 Carlton
> Temporary bus operation – TTC High Park Loop reconstruction and overhead upgrades
Customer impact: Major
Effective date: June 21, 2020 to end of 2020
TTC construction will begin at High Park Loop in the first phase of construction affecting service in the 506 Carlton corridor in 2020. Buses will replace streetcar service on 506/306 Carlton between Dundas West Station and Main Street Station.

From June 21 through the end of 2020 the following work is being done:
> Reconstruction of High Park Loop, including new accessible platforms and paved surfaces for bus operation, when required.
> Streetcar track replacement on Howard Park Avenue from Parkside Drive to Dundas Street/College Street, including on the Sterling Bridge.
> Streetcar overhead system upgrades on the entire route.
> City of Toronto cycling upgrades at College Street/Borden Street.
> Bus/streetcar terminal rehabilitation at Main Street Station.

Due to the constrained street network, there will be no replacement service on Howard Park Avenue, between High Park Loop and Dundas Street West. This is the first stage of construction affecting the 506 Carlton service. Additional service changes will be required later in the year.

508 Lake Shore
> Service suspension continues
Customer impact: Minor
Effective date: Continues
Service on 508 Lake Shore will remain suspended in response to continued ridership decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

512 St Clair
> Temporary service reduction – TTC construction
Customer impact: Moderate
Effective date: June 21, 2020
Service levels will be reduced during peak periods to reflect lower ridership demand in the summer and due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Streetcars will continue to operate every five minutes during peak periods.

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