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2017 Customer Charter

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Overall Charter Commitments

Your streetcar, bus or subway service will be reliable and on time. Our success will be measured through our daily and monthly scorecards to make sure our performance will be better than last year.

We know that the accessibility of our service is the difference between being able to travel or not for many of our customers. We will continue to make our services as accessible as possible. We will make sure the ramps and stop announcements on our vehicles are working properly.

We won’t hide from our mistakes. If there are problems with our service, we will be clear about what happened – and what we are doing to fix it. We will do our best to communicate clearly with our customers, local business and communities in the event of any planned or unplanned events.

Nothing is more important than your safety. We will make sure you feel safe and secure while riding on our vehicles or while you are in our stations or sharing the road.

A clean and visually appealing station is one of the keys to having a satisfactory journey on the TTC. We promise to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of all areas in our subway stations throughout the year.

Our staff are here to help. We promise to provide you with exceptional customer service and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

Q1 (January-March)

> We will roll out our new Wheel-Trans eligibility processes and expanded eligibility criteria.
> We will complete the pilot for subway musician stages to increase and improve the entertainment experience in our stations.

Q2 (April-June)

> We will introduce a Wheel-Trans Family of Services pilot that allows for spontaneity and freedom of travel. This will include improved same-day booking availability for short trips to access TTC accessible vehicles and stations.
> We will launch an anti-harassment campaign to raise awareness of, and combat, harassment on the TTC.
> We will launch a safety and security app as another tool for customers to report related incidents.
> We will expand the bike repair stop network by an additional 10 stations.
> We will install time-saving signal priority technology at 15 intersections to speed up bus travel time.
> We will install 200 passenger information displays in shelters to provide real-time information on vehicle arrivals.
> We will ensure the 514 Cherry route is serviced by new, fully accessible streetcars.
> All entrances at 43 subway stations will have new PRESTO-enabled fare gates.

Q3 (July-September)

> We will keep customers informed by adopting consistent, customer friendly language for communicating service status information.
> We will start construction on four priority bus lanes, to reduce delays and improve travel time.
> We will install new high-capacity bike parking racks at 25 subway stations.
> We will work with Bike Share Toronto to incorporate docking stations at a minimum of five TTC stations. This will offer our customers a great solution for the first and last mile of their journey.
> We will introduce new Wheel-Trans no-show and late-cancellation policies that are more flexible, including allowing for same-day cancellations.
> We will pilot solar-powered passenger information displays to provide real-time information on vehicle arrivals at stops without utility power.
> We will test new technology to improve route management and real-time information for buses and streetcars.
> We will open a new second exit/entrance at Woodbine Station providing an alternative option to customers from the local community.
> We will have two elevators in service at Woodbine Station as part of the Easier Access program, making this the 36th accessible station of the 69 stations.

Q4 (October-December)

> We will open the Line 1 Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension with six new, fully accessible modern stations, including two new TTC bus terminals, three new TTC commuter parking lots with 2,800 spaces and direct transit connections with GO Rail, GO Bus, York Region Transit buses, including Viva. The stations will feature modern architecture with sustainable design features, including LED lighting, bird friendly glass, green and cool roofs and landscaping designed to manage water run-off. Other station amenities will include: Wi-Fi, covered bicycle storage, new PRESTO fare gates and new self-service PRESTO machines in service. The bus network along the corridors will be redesigned to serve the new stations.
> We will have three new elevators in service at St Clair West Station as part of the Easier Access program (37th accessible station).
> We will have two elevators in service at Coxwell Station as part of the Easier Access program, bringing the total by the end of the year to 44 of 75 stations (includes Spadina Subway Extension).
> We will put into service 20 new, redesigned and accessible buses as part of an effort to diversify and modernize the TTC Wheel-Trans fleet.
> We will work with the Bombardier to have a minimum of 40 additional new, low-floor, accessible streetcars on property.
> We will reduce delays by 10 per cent on all subway lines (incidents and minutes).
> We will have 30 per cent of Line 3 train interior refurbishments complete.
> We will introduce a new “Customer Service Agent” role to provide a better and more engaging service level at eight subway stations to replace the Collector.
> We will launch an improved and redesigned customer friendly website.
> We will convert an additional 3,000 bus poles to the new design to bring total to 6,000.
> We will add service during off-peak periods to 15 busy routes, to reduce crowding and improve travel time.
> We will consult with customers and other stakeholders to revise service in three neighbourhoods (Kingston/Lawrence/Morningside; Junction; and Rexdale/Airport).
> We will revise the schedules on 10 bus routes to improve service reliability.
> We will widen and lengthen 300 curbside bus stops to make them accessible to customers with disabilities and compatible with our higher-capacity, articulated buses.
> We will have Wi-Fi available at 100 per cent of stations.
> With the PRESTO rollout nearing completion, we will be able to start phasing out legacy fare media. This milestone brings us one step closer to the full adoption of PRESTO.
> We will have 300-plus new buses in service to replace aging buses.
> We will reduce streetcar short turns to less than in 2016.

Quarterly updates are posted on the TTC website.

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