Class of 94

23 July, 2020

In 1994, David Gunn became the new Chief General Manager of the TTC. Ontario Premier Bob Rae officially started construction of the 6.4-km Sheppard subway line. Malvern Operator Bill Moore won his eighth Bus Roadeo Grand Championship. And the employees listed below joined the TTC. Happy anniversary to everyone who celebrated their 25th year with at the Commission in 2019:

Christopher Abbott
Umit Akin
Mario Alfano
Danny Amato
Chris Anton
Richard Anton
Larry Bancsi
Amadu Barrie
Teshome Belhu
William Bell
Darek Bednarski
Juan Bermudez
Doug Bickell
Ralph Boone
Herman Bosse
Denise Bowes
James Brouwer
Paul Burkholder
Keith Butler
Anthony Davis
Daniel Dimarco
Mario Duarte
Fred Calabro
Rodolfo Calubayan
Lincoln Calvo
Patrick Celik
Donald Chapman
Douglas Coats
Murray Conn
David Cooper
John Costa
David Cronin
Malkit Deol
Nick Dimitrakopoulos
Neil Dougherty
Gord Driver
Tony Downey
Dalbir Dubb
Dawn Dudley
David Ehler
Michael Ermen
Luis Espinoza
Hidat Fetur
Roy Fleming
Aaron Foubister
Marika Fraser
Heriberto Freire Villacis
Brian Gailey
Judi Gellatly
George Goncalves
Michael Greco
James Grier
Roberto Giraldi
Marco Giuliani
Joseph Gunn
Witold Harasimowicz
Kester Harris
Warren Haughie
Timothy Hill
Mark Holmes
Daniel Homer
Patrick Honan
Samuel Jackson
Ken Keehn
Wingfat Kong
Steven Kriston
Janet Kyte
Roy Lallkissoon
Linda Latimer
Joe Loccisano
Antonio Lomonaco
Ralph Mancini
Marie Mandeville
Jose Marques
Piero Marrello
Andrew Martin
Devon Martin
Nick Martin
Naomi Marubashi
Neil Mears
Silvano Menanno
Oleh Metelsky
Verzh Mikayelyan
Domenic Moscato
Roy Nascimento
Burkhard Neumann
Lara Nofal
Sylvester Omoh
Pellegrino Parato
Pratap Patel
Mark Pecho
Cassandra Penney
Richard Peters
Clive Petrie
Angelo Picarazzi
Joao Pimentel
Paul Pimentel
Joan Pitters
Snezana Pupavac
Jose Rocha
Herculano Rodrigues
Jose Rodulfo
Sherma Rollocks
Christopher Rooney
Mark Rozynski
Ansari Sattaur
Bruce Shaw
Sylvie Spurrell
Gregory Taggart
Ketheeswara Tharmalingam
Luciano Tomei
Sandra Tremblay
Jerry Tropiano
Tamas Vendely
Joseph Virgilio
James Watkins
Bentley White
Vaughn Zinn

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