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SRT train 5/28/12 3:36 PM

Work starts on central processing building

Work has begun on the construction of a Central Processing Building (Patten) at Hillcrest for the Finance Branch. The new facility will replace the existing Cashiers’ area at the McBrien Building, which is too small for present operations.

New fares adopted

New TTC fares took effect on January 2, 1986, as follows: tickets/tokens: Adults: 5 for $4, 25 for $20; Seniors/Students: 5 for $2; Children: 4 for $1; Two-Fare: 2 for $1.90; Metropass: $41.50; Seniors Metropass: $27.25; Sunday/Holiday Pass: $3.30; cash fares: Adults $1; Students 60 cents, Children: 45 cents.

Metron units popular in Toronto, Vancouver

For the past two years TTC subway riders, who total over 265,000 annually, have been obtaining accurate digital time readouts, plus news and weather bulletins, from the attractive METRON clock/information/advertising units located on all subway platforms. The units provide synchronized time readouts, using highly visible red dot patterns. They're linked to the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado, where the time standard for North America is set.

Full service on RT

The Scarborough RT went into full service operation (late evenings and Sundays and holidays) effective Sunday, January 5, 1986, with hours of service corresponding to the subway. Monday-Saturday, including holidays, the first trains of the day leave McCowan Station at 5:48 a.m., Kennedy at 6 a.m., while the last trains are at 1:18 a.m. and 1:35 a.m., respectively. On Sundays, the first trains leave McCowan and Kennedy at 9 a.m. and 9:12 a.m., and the last trains leave at 1:18 a.m. and 1:35 a.m.

New look at Wellesley

Renovations at Wellesley Station are virtually finished, giving the station a bright new appearance. The work involved replacement of the original grey tiles with more durable green ceramic tiles, new lighting, installation of white metal strips on the ceiling, cleaning and repairing of the terrazzo floor, construction of a newsstand, replacement of the single Collector's booth with two booths.

Two PCCs being rebuilt

Two units of the TTC’s dwindling PCC fleet will be rehabilitated as an experiment to determine the feasibility of rebuilding a group of cars for service on the proposed Spadina LRT line. The cars selected, 4505 and 4512, are from the newest group of our PCCs, purchased in 1951.

First H-6 subway cars delivered

The first pair of the TTC’s new H-6 subway cars, part of a 126-unit order, arrived at Greenwood Yard recently, and were unveiled to our officials and the media on Monday, April 21. The cars are being shipped on railroad flat cars from the plant of CanCar Rail Inc. (UTDC company) at Thunder Bay. Delivery is scheduled for completion by the summer of 1987.

Orion II buses make debut in WheeI-Trans service

Wheel-Trans recently placed in service 30 new Orion II buses. These distinctive 22-foot-long vehicles represent the state-of-the-art in transportation for disabled people.

Malvern’s Bill Mercer wins TTC Bus Roadeo

And the winner is ... Malvern’s own Bill Mercer! An l l-year veteran, Bill captured the Grand Championship in our recent Bus Roadeo, with a score of 734 points out of a possible 800. He was a previous winner in 1981, and placed second in 1980. At the Canadian Urban Transit Association Rodeo in Vancouver on June 18, Bill achieved third place.

Expanded all-night transit grid approved

At a recent meeting, the Commission approved a Service Planning staff report concerning the expansion and revision of all-night transit service. It recommends that an all-night transit service network be implemented across Metro Toronto, bringing such services to many suburban areas for the first time. All-night service is to be added on the following routes: Finch West, Finch East, York Mills, Wilson, Warden, Eglinton East, Eglinton West, Don Mills, Dufferin-Bathurst, Jane and Islington.

New Guides uniform

Karen Winstone recently modelled a sample of the new Guides uniform for the Policy and Co-ordination Committee. Created by noted designer Marilyn Brooks, it features a red jacket with reverse collar and built-in belt, and grey pleated skirt.

Major renovation planned for Bloor Station

Approval was recently given by the Commission for a major rebuilding of Bloor-Yonge Station, to reduce overcrowding problems. The project involves the following work, being carried out in stages: removal of the wall for a distance of 200 feet on both the northbound and southbound Bloor Station platforms, permitting the platform to be widened by 12 feet.

Harbourfront LRT project update

The TTC’s $50 million Harbourfront LRT line was recently given approval by Toronto City Council. This clears the track for construction to begin next spring, pending Ministry of Environment and Ontario Municipal Board approval. Opening of the line is scheduled for late 1988.

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