Message from the Executive Director – Operations

7 August, 2019

New Head of Wheel-Trans: Dwayne Geddes

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Dwayne Geddes as the new permanent Head of Wheel-Trans.

Dwayne joined the TTC in 2004 as a Streetcar Operator, and has progressed through the organization to his most recent position as the Acting Head of Wheel-Trans.

During his 15-year transit career, Dwayne has held several supervisory and management positions at the TTC, including roles in Streetcar Transportation, Bus Transportation, Operations Control Centre, Employee Relations and Wheel-Trans.

Dwayne will lead the Wheel-Trans Department through this very important transition phase as we continue to integrate Wheel-Trans with our conventional system through our Family of Services initiative.

Please welcome Dwayne in his new position and extend your continued co-operation and support to him.

Wheel-Trans Head Dwayne Geddes

Head of Wheel-Trans, Dwayne Geddes

Orest Z. Kobylansky
Executive Director – Operations
August 6, 2019

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Dwayne Geddes appointed Head of Wheel-Trans.

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