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Message from the Chief People Officer

2/13/19 6:00 PM

People Group structure and recent changes

There has been some confusion about the reporting structure within the People Group, and the differences between the Training and Development Department and Employee Development in the Human Resources Department. In recognition of the role that the Training Department plays organizationally, and the audience it serves, effective February, 18, 2019, the department will be renamed the Operations Training Centre (OTC).

For clarity, the structure of the People Group is as follows:

Reporting to Chief People Officer
> Executive Director – Human Resources, Megan MacRae
> Director – Employee Service Centre and Payroll, Anja Schiralli
> Head – Operations Training Centre (formerly known as Training and Development), Paul Maglietta
> Head – Diversity and Human Rights, Valerie Albanese
> Director – Special Investigations and Video Services, Paul Manherz
> Director – Investigations, Mark Russell
> Director – Policy Development, Teresa Bassett-Spiers
> Budget Co-ordinator, Ivy Lai
> Administrative Co-ordinator, Faraz Hussain

Reporting to Executive Director – Human Resources
> Director – Employee Relations, Sean Milloy
> Director – Talent Management, Christine Jeffries
> Director – Occupational Health and Employee Wellbeing, Sanda Stojicic
> Director – Employee Development, Rita Lunardo
> Director – Benefits, Pat Daniels
> Director – Human Resources Strategy and Client Services, Matt Hopkins
> Program Lead – Fit for Duty, Peter Bartz
> Administrative Assistant, Helen Lyonis

With the Training and Development changing its name to Operations Training Centre, this is an opportunity to highlight the basic differences between OTC and Employee Development.

Employee Development

The Employee Development team has aligned its learning and development opportunities in support of the Corporate Plan – Critical Path 2 - Enable our Employees to Succeed and is committed to providing a number learning and development opportunities for all employees.

With HR Mandatory Corporate Curriculums, our e-learning courses help meet our legislated requirements. The Emerging Leaders, Management Essentials, Leadership Fundamentals and Leadership Advantage training programs provide our current and future and current leaders with the skills and mindset needed to align themselves with our organizational strategies. The Personal and Professional Skills Certificate program, along with the Virtual Personal Development Series (for Operators) and eDEV programs offer a variety of courses designed to meet the development needs of our employees. Individual growth is also supported through discussions with our Career and Education Advisors and through the use of our Personal Development Plan tool. In addition to that, Employee Development consults with a number of areas in the TTC to provide timely, solutions-driven coaching and customized training initiatives.

By offering our programs in a number of mediums (e-learning, live virtual environments, facilitated classrooms and workshops and individual one-on-one sessions), and drawing on the skillset of our experienced and professional team, Employee Development is able to meet the TTC’s development demands in an engaging, customer-focused way.

Operations Training Centre (formerly Training and Development)

The Departmental name change helps better identify the groups the department supports.

The Operations Training Centre (OTC) is responsible for delivering a broad spectrum of training, which touches nearly every aspect of TTC Operations. Training includes the operation of buses, streetcars, subways, work cars, forklifts and other heavy equipment along with the training of Customer Service Ambassadors, Wheel-Trans Operators and Station Collectors. Our Technical Instructors provide industry-leading instruction in electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, engine overhaul and numerous other aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance. OTC also has a Curriculum Development Section that helps develop and maintain over 200 unique programs, each of which is critical to TTC Operations.

Gemma Piemontese
Chief People Officer
February 13, 2019

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