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Fitness for Duty Update: Cannabis Edibles

12/13/19 4:26 PM

From the Human Resources Department

Updates to Legislation and Fitness for Duty

The Government of Canada amended legislation that will allow cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals to be legally produced and sold. These products are expected to be available for purchase this month.

TTC employee obligations around alcohol and drug use are set out in the TTC’s Fitness for Duty Policy. For unionized employees, obligations are also set out in the various collective agreements.

Although cannabis is legal, it is still a drug that can diminish a worker’s ability to perform their job safety and productively. Its use, sale and possession is still restricted by various laws. Because cannabis has the potential to negatively impact an employee’s fitness for duty, its use and possession will continue to be governed by and subject to TTC policy.

Consuming Responsibly

Health Canada has released information on the effects of cannabis consumed through different methods. It is important to understand that the experience of consuming cannabis edibles is different from smoking or vaping cannabis. Both the initial effects and peak effects of consuming cannabis through an edible product will take longer for an individual to feel compared to smoking or vaping. When using legal edible products for the first time, Health Canada recommends additional time and a low THC dose. Doing so will give a safer understanding of your individual response and how long it takes to be fit for duty after consumption.

Fitness for Duty

With legalization and new products available for consumers, the expectations around Fitness for Duty remain unchanged at the TTC. All employees are expected to report and remain fit for duty for the duration of their shift. This includes free from the negative effects and after effects of drugs and alcohol.

Still have questions?

If you have specific questions about the FFD Policy that your Manager or Supervisor can’t answer, contact the Manager – Fitness for Duty, Human Resources at FitnessForDuty@ttc.ca or 416-206-3169, the FFD Program Assistant at 647-462-4258 or Employee Relations, Human Resources, at 416-393-4362.

If you need to speak to someone confidentially about a concern with your alcohol or drug use, please avail yourself of the TTC’s Employee Family Assistance Program. They are available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day at 1-800-572-0039. Alternatively, you can seek assistance by contacting Occupational Health at 416-393-4572.

December 11, 2019

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