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Message from the Chief Financial Officer

4/9/19 2:58 PM

Materials and Procurement transformation 

As Chief Financial Officer, I am excited to advise that the Materials and Procurement (M&P) group, supported by the People Group, is embarking on a reorganization that will create three separate departments. The reorganization and other investments, including the new warehouse, will better enable M&P personnel to meet customer needs and deliver improved value.

M&P will move from being one department under a single Head of M&P to three departments – each with its own Head, responsible for their own team:
> Procurement and Category Management (PCM) – this team will provide more focused category-oriented leadership for sourcing and procuring the life cycle of projects/equipment/materials/services required across the organization.
> Materials Management (MM) – this team will provide strategic and proactive management of inventory and stores in the new central warehouse.
> Commercial Management (CM) – this team will provide complex and proactive relationship management for large projects.

Recruitment for these Head positions will begin in April. We expect the search process to take approximately two months and are hopeful the new leaders will be in place soon after. In the meantime, our current Interim Head, Mike Piemontese, has been working closely with HR to expedite the filling of existing vacancies, plan for future retirements and leaves and, most importantly, support current M&P staff to fill in the gaps.

This reorganization may periodically cause some disruption and I will be supporting M&P staff to ensure that your deadlines continue to be met. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding when interacting with your M&P colleagues in the coming months as we work to transform the way we provide customer service and support. We appreciate your partnership and are grateful for the efforts of our current M&P team members who work hard to support you each day.

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Piemontese, Interim Head – M&P or myself directly to discuss.

Dan Wright
Chief Financial Officer
April 8, 2019

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