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Customer Satisfaction Survey: the results are in

9/1/17 6:00 AM

From the Customer Development Department

The TTC regularly checks in with our customers to ask them how we’re doing – how timely our services are, how comfortable we’re making their ride, how clearly they can hear our announcements – and more. Earlier this year we started sharing those results with you to give you a better sense of what our customers are saying about us and to show you how your hard work is having a big impact.

82 per cent of our customers say: you’re on the right track, TTC

The most recent results from the last quarter (Q2 – April-June 2017) told us that 82 per cent of our customers were satisfied with their last ride on the TTC – up five points from the last time we updated you in February. This is also up from the average for the last two years – 77 per cent.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Q1-Q2 2017

This past quarter saw continued high levels of satisfaction from bus, streetcar and subway riders – a testament to the hard work you put in every day to make service run smoothly and comfortably for our customers.

Satisfaction levels reached 80 per cent plus in more than 10 key areas, like the comfort of the ride, Operator helpfulness and wait times.

It’s through your hard work and commitment to doing your jobs well that we saw satisfaction levels reach 80 per cdnt or higher in key areas of our service, like wait times and the duration of the trip, the cleanliness of subway stations, a customer’s personal safety during their journey, as well as the helpfulness and appearance of Operators. These measures rely on a personal commitment from employees to customers – thank you for serving the TTC with pride to help us get such great feedback.

Some other interesting stats from this set of survey results:
> 73 per cent of overall customers are proud of the TTC and what it means to Toronto, while 85 per cent of customers would be proud to recommend the TTC to a visitor or tourist.
> In comparison to last year, there is an overall increase in the perception that TTC services have improved over time – a sentiment that was echoed by the TTC’s recent award of APTA Transit System of the Year.

Successes worth celebrating; continued focus on improvement

Overall, we know customers are noticing the significant efforts we have made to improve the service we’re providing. But we also know there is room to do even better. By continuing to focus on service reliability and working hard to improve specific areas like crowding and being proactive with information to customers during service disruptions, we can deliver a transit system to make Toronto proud.

The next set of survey results will be shared in early 2018. The full survey results (attached above) can be found on the intranet from the homepage or from the Research and Insights section of the Customer Experience intranet page.

Arthur Borkwood
Head – Customer Development
August 30, 2017


Each quarter, the TTC conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey measuring the performance and perception of service through a number of key indicators. Results, obtained through a 10-minute telephone survey with approximately 1,000 randomly selected city of Toronto residents between April and June, are reported in the Sept. 5, 2017 Board Agenda.

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