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Important Benefits Update - Basic Group Life Insurance Partial Premium Holiday

6/7/17 12:50 PM

From the Human Resources Department
Attention employees and pensioners

Effective July 2017, a partial premium holiday will be applied to the monthly basic group life insurance premiums. The result is that the employee portion of the premium, and pensioner premium, will be reduced by $2 per month for all eligible employees and pensioners with this benefit coverage.

The continuation of the partial premium holiday will be reviewed and assessed on an annual basis.

Life insurance premiums are deducted on a monthly basis and are reflected in employee and pensioner pay statements. Please refer to these statements for more information.

Employees may contact staff in the Human Resources, Benefits Section at 416-393-2635, 416-338-6203 or 416-981-1746.

Pensioners may contact staff in the Pension Office at 416-393-3685 or toll-free at 1-800-663-6820.

June 6, 2017

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