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Want to know how we’re doing? Customer Satisfaction Survey results for Oct-Dec 2016

2/15/17 2:30 PM

From the Customer Development Department

The TTC regularly checks in with our customers to ask them how we’re doing – how comfortable we’re making their ride, how clearly they can hear our announcements, how timely our services are – and more. We want you to hear what they’re telling us. Starting today, we will be sharing results from our customer satisfaction surveys with you twice a year – giving you a better sense of what our customers are saying about us and to show you how your hard work is having a big impact.

77% of our customers say: you’re doing great, TTC
The most recent results from the last quarter (Q4 – October-December 2016) told us that 77% of our customers were satisfied with their ride on the TTC – up significantly from the previous quarter. The average for the last two years – also 77% – has been significantly higher than the previous years’ annual average of 74%.

This past quarter saw a return to higher levels of satisfaction from riders on bus, streetcar and subway – a testament to the hard work you put in every day to make service run smoothly and comfortably for our customers.

Satisfaction levels reached 80%+ in more than 10 key areas, like the cleanliness of subway stations and the helpfulness and appearance of Operators It’s through your hard work and commitment to doing your jobs well that we saw satisfaction levels reach 80% or higher in key areas of our service, like the cleanliness of subway stations, a customer’s personal safety during their trip, the quality of stop announcements, as well as the ease and helpfulness of announcements overall, and the helpfulness and appearance of Operators. These measures rely on a personal interaction between employees and customers – thank you for serving the TTC with pride to help us get such commendable feedback.

Some other interesting stats from this set of survey results:
> 71% of overall customers are proud of the TTC and what it means to Toronto, while 89% of Wheel-Trans customers feel that same sense of pride.
> Nine in 10 customers said they received average or better value for money on their last trip.
> Customer satisfaction with Wheel-Trans in 2016 was 88% – very high and up from 85% in 2015.

Lots to celebrate, lots to work towards
Overall, we know our customers are happy with the service we’re providing. But we also know there is always room to do even better. We want to keep working hard to improve some specific areas like trip duration, comfort of ride, wait time and level of crowding; we want to be even more proactive with information and letting customers know when issues arise and how it might affect their trip; and finally, we want to work hard to keep doing the things we already do well. The next set of survey results will be shared in the fall.

The full survey results can be found on the Research and Insights page at the Customer Experience intranet site and attached below. For more information, please contact Research and Insights Manager Viktoriya Artemyeva at 416-393-4133 or viktoriya.artemyeva@ttc.ca.

2016 Q4 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Notice issued February 15, 2017

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