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5/31/16 6:00 AM


The TTC Sick Benefit Association Board of Directors approved a revision to the 72-hour by-law – increasing it to 120 hours from the first day of illness. As of January 1, 2016 a Member has five days to seek medical attention; please see specific examples outlined below and also alternatives on seeking medical attention:

By-law 4, Section 1(4)(a) states in part:

To qualify for benefits from the first day of disability, a Member must be under the care of i.e. seen, clinically assessed and treated within five days following the first date of disability claimed by a licensed medical practitioner.”

Members are reminded that in order to be eligible for sick benefits, they are required to be treated by a licensed physician within five (5) days, here are some examples.

Member sick on Monday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Saturday
Member sick on Tuesday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Monday
Member sick on Wednesday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Tuesday
Member sick on Thursday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Wednesday
Member sick on Friday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Thursday
Member sick on Saturday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Friday
Member sick on Sunday must be clinically assessed and treated no later than Saturday

NOTE: If the “no later than” date falls on a Statutory Holiday, a Member has until the next day to seek medical treatment.

By-law 1, Section 15(2) states in part:

All applications to the Association for payment of benefits shall be made within 30 calendar days of the date when the event giving rise to the claim first occurred.  Member has 30 calendar days from the first sick day to submit the claim.

For the 4th sick incident and each subsequent incident, in each calendar year, the first full day of absence due to illness that a Member is otherwise eligible to receive payment for, under SBA By-laws, sick benefits will not be paid.


If you are unable to secure a medical appointment from the family physician within the Sick Benefit Association guidelines, you ought to consider other alternatives in order to qualify for benefits (see below).

Walk-in-Clinics – In the Greater Toronto Area, there are numerous Walk-in-Clinics that provide a service to all patients. You can contact the Clinic nearest your residence and establish if the facility meets your medical needs.

House Calls – There are licensed medical practitioners in the Greater Toronto Area and outside the GTA that provide this service. Should you require this service, you may contact the Ontario Medical Association for assistance.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our office at 416-393-4364.

(original signed)
John Iorio - Secretary – TTC Sick Benefit Association
May 2016

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