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New Corporate Policy – Electronic Information Management System (EIMS) Policy 7.5.0

1/11/16 11:53 AM

From the Corporate Services Group

Introducing the EIMS Policy
Effective December, 31 2015, the new Electronic Information Management System (EIMS) Policy will go into effect. The policy titled, Electronic Information Management System (EIMS, 7.5.0), will apply to all employees and encompasses the TTC’s “electronic content, document and records management systems, which are designed to ensure that information is provided in an accurate and timely manner.”

Reason for New Policy
Everyone who works at the TTC, regardless of their role, will create, use and store records and information. Keeping good records helps to ensure that TTC runs efficiently and effectively, as well as complying with public record legislation and other legal requirements.

According to information management best practices, the development and implementation of an EIMS Policy is required in order to ensure that:
> We are using the accepted tools for the management of electronic information.
> We are naming, filing and describing information in a consistent and uniform way across the TTC.
> We are all aware of, and comply with, our individual responsibilities related to information management.

How does this impact me?
All TTC staff are responsible for ensuring information is created and managed in accordance with TTC’s policies and procedures.

What are the benefits of this policy for the TTC?
The EIMS Policy, governance plan and supporting documentation will be used to ensure that:
> The TTC demonstrates accountability and transparency.
> Compliance with the legislation is enabled.
> An audit trail of actions is provided.
> The risk of loss of vital information is minimized.
> Personal information is protected.
> All staff are aware of, and comply with, their individual responsibilities related to information management.

What is included in the EIMS?
EIMS includes, but is not limited to the TTC Document Mangement System (i.e. SharePoint, TTC Document Centres), Intranet, Workflows, MySites and the Forms Repository.

Why is our e-mail system not mentioned in the policy?
The TTC electronic e-mail system (Microsoft Outlook) is not designed to be a record keeping system. All e-mail records should be transferred and saved in the appropriate TTC Document Centre.

What is electronic content at the TTC?
Electronic content includes, but is not limited to: office files, scanned documents, e-mails, videos, multi-media objects, content posted on the intranet, content generated through social media.

What am I being asked to do?
We encourage everyone to read the new EIMS corporate policy and the EIMS Information Governance Plan and familiarize themselves with the principles, guidelines, roles and responsibilities.

Where do I go for help?
For more information on the EIMS Policy and the governance plan please contact Information Management Analyst Daniela Serban, at ext. 8515 or e-mail daniela.serban@ttc.ca. You can also learn more about Information Management at the TTC by visiting the new Information Management site on the Intranet (internal website) and DMS.

(original signed)
Vincent Rodo
Chief Financial and Administration Officer
December 31, 2015

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