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New Customer ID Policy effective Sept. 1

8/18/14 6:14 AM

Message from Customer Development

Starting September 1, 2014, the TTC will no longer produce TTC Student or Senior photo IDs. In its place, these customer groups may use the following identification:
> Students Age 13-15 inclusive: No ID required.
> Students Age 16-19 inclusive: High School photo ID or Government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License or Ontario Photo Card).
> Seniors Age 65-plus: TTC Seniors photo ID or Government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License or Ontario Photo Card).

*Health cards are accepted for both Student and Seniors, but only when offered by the customer. The TTC cannot ask for or publicize the acceptance of health cards due to current legislation.

The TTC will continue to produce the Child Proof-of-Age Card, TTC Post-Secondary photo ID and Support Person Assistance Card (photo ID). Eligibility and valid identification for these groups remains unchanged.

It is no longer mandatory for customers to show their ID every time they pay their fare or use discounted tickets and passes.

Students (age 16-19), Post-Secondary and Seniors are required to carry valid identification and present it upon request by TTC staff.

The Support Person Assistance Card holder still needs to present their photo ID card every time they are accompanied by a support person. This is to verify the person travelling with them is eligible to travel for free.

New Staff Procedures

Operators and Collectors should follow these guidelines when implementing the new TTC Photo ID Policy:

1. Observe
> It is still a responsibility of the Operator and Collector to ensure customers pay or have proof of payment for travel. However, they no longer need to be shown ID every time.

2. Engage
> Operators and Collectors may request valid ID at any time if they suspect fraudulent travel. However, they should only ask Students to provide valid photo ID if they appear to be older than 19 years of age.
> If a customer is unable to provide valid ID when requested, Operators and Collectors are to advise customers to carry suitable ID and allow them to continue their journey. This will minimize delays to service and minimize assaults on TTC staff due to fare disputes.

3. Report
> If an Operator or Collector suspects an individual of regular fraudulent travel or a particular location where they suspect numerous individuals are not paying the correct fare, they should report this to their Supervisor by submitting a report at the end of their shift. The Supervisor will then advise Transit Enforcement who will respond by carrying out a targeted fare inspection. This applies across all modes (subway, streetcar and buses).

Arthur Borkwood
Head of Customer Development
August 11, 2014

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