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Message from the Chief Safety Officer/Chief People Officer

9/22/21 10:31 AM

DEADLINE EXTENDED – Upload your proof of vaccination by September 30

Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do at the TTC. After 19 months of living with COVID-19, we know that getting vaccinated is the best way to protect ourselves, our co-workers and our families. It is why we made the decision last month to make it mandatory for all TTC employees, contractors and students to be vaccinated. If you would like to review the TTC’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy, it can be found on our website at ttc.ca/COVID-19.

We believe, based on the vaccination rate across Ontario, that many of you have already done the right thing and received your COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, we are approaching 50 per cent of employees who have already submitted your proof of vaccination. Thank you for that. We also recognize some of you may require more time to upload proof of vaccination or to better understand the policy.

To facilitate compliance, we have extended the deadline for submitting your proof of vaccination to September 30. We have also made it easier for you to submit your proof:
> The COVID-19 Vaccination Portal at myttc.ttc.ca continues to be the preferred method for submitting your proof of vaccination.
> However, if this is not the most convenient option for you, you may also submit proof of vaccination by e-mailing vaccine.info@ttc.ca and including the following information: vaccination status, badge number, vaccination receipt as an attachment, and name used at the TTC if it differs from the name on your vaccination receipt.
> If you have a future vaccination appointment scheduled, you can also pass along that information.
> Or, alternatively, you can submit your proof of vaccine to your Manager.

The TTC has the right to request that you confidentially disclose your vaccination status as a condition of your employment. And as a condition of your employment, you are required to comply with, and meet all the requirements of the Mandatory Vaccination Policy to meet the criteria of being an employee at the TTC. We have systems in place to ensure that your privacy is respected when you share your vaccination status – the same systems that will house your proof of vaccination already hold your SIN Number as well as your banking information without any issues.

We want you to work with us to make sure that every employee of the TTC is safe the moment they step on TTC property. We hope you will consider that responsibility if you are still questioning the motivation behind the TTC’s Mandatory Vaccinations Policy – the safety of our employees is not something that we can compromise on.

We’ve made it easier to submit your vaccine proof
We have heard your feedback that the process could be more user friendly – in particular making it easier to access the COVID-19 Vaccination Portal. Now, to reach the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal, click on the tile on myttc.ttc.ca called “Upload your vaccine proof” (it’s the one with the red band aid).

If you need help using the COVID-19 Vaccination Portal, e-mail myttc@ttc.ca or call 416-362-7547. For help with resetting passwords to access the myttc.ttc.ca, and the self-serve function isn’t an option, contact IT at 416-393-4357 (HELP).

Pop-up vaccination clinics for TTC employees
We’re continuing to host vaccination clinics on TTC properties for our workforce and their families as well as our customers and the general public. To date, we’ve hosted 23 pop-up vaccination clinics on property and administered more than 5,000 doses. And there are more clinics planned for the next couple of weeks.

The next walk-in clinics for staff, consultants, contract workers and family members will take place at Queensway Facility (September 22), Wilson Facility (September 23), Birchmount Facility (September 24), Wilson Station (September 25 to 27) and at Lawrence West and Victoria Park stations (September 28 to 30). You can find more details on MyTTC | SAP Jam or at myttc.ttc.ca.

As a public service, we owe it to our great city to continue to be leaders in safety, respect and dignity. We have said this from the start of the pandemic – we are all in this together. Let’s all keep doing our part to put this pandemic behind us.

To all of you that have uploaded your proof of vaccination, thank you for your ongoing co-operation and stay safe. If you are having any challenges with uploading your proof of vaccination, getting vaccinated or if you have questions – please reach out to your Manager or Supervisor.

Betty Hasserjian
Chief Safety Officer (acting)

Mary Madigan-Lee
Chief People Officer

September 21, 2021

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