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Voice of the Raptors cheers subway riders

6/12/19 7:57 PM

Herbie Kuhn has been the voice of the Toronto Raptors for 24 years. Since the start of the NBA Finals, he’s been the voice in the subway encouraging riders to take the TTC. His public address message continues every game day until the end of the championship series.

The announcement: “This is Herbie Kuhn, the in-arena voice of your Toronto Raptors. Be sure to celebrate proudly and take the TTC wherever you’re headed to cheer on your Toronto Raptors.”

Mayor John Tory has also lent his voice to the TTC. His announcement also airs every game day and it calls for all Raptor fans to take the TTC to cheer on their home team.

The announcement: “Hi it’s Mayor John Tory here and I’m encouraging all my fellow Raptors fans to take the TTC as we cheer on our team during the NBA Finals. Let’s go Raptors and let’s get there on the TTC.”

Raptors spirit!

Employees at Mount Dennis Division and Garage show off their Toronto Raptors spirit during the 2019 NBA Finals versus the Golden State Warriors.

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