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Mount Dennis presents heart-warming gift in time for the holidays

Mount Dennis Division holiday coat drive. 12/23/14 9:00 AM

The Christmas holidays will be a lot warmer for kids in the Mount Dennis community thanks to a generous donation from employees at Mount Dennis Division.

The Learning Enrichment Foundation, a neighbour of the division, had identified a need for winter coats for children and youth in the local community. When Route Supervisor Virgil Ruffolo and the recreation committee heard of the dire need, they began canvassing Operators for donations. Within weeks the division had raised $2,000 and purchased 199 winter coats.

On Dec. 11, bags of new winter coats were presented to Client Engagement Worker Jean-Marie Boutat and representatives from the Toronto District School Board, which will distribute them to at-risk kids in the Mount Dennis neighbourhood.

“The TTC’s donation was overwhelming and very much valued,” Boutat said.

Mount Dennis Recreation Committee members Abel Rosaro, Daniel Campos and Harpreet Girgla helped to celebrate the successful coat drive by serving up a hot potluck lunch to employees and neighbourhood guests.

Mount Dennis holiday coat drive for local community.

Route Supervisor Virgil Ruffolo and Operator Shawn Riviere display winter coats that will help warm the Christmas holidays for kids in the Mount Dennis community.

Mount Dennis holiday coat drive and celebratory potluck lunch.

Mount Dennis Rec Committee members Abel Rosaro, Daniel Campos and Harpreet Girgla served up a hot potluck lunch to celebrate a successful coat drive at Mount Dennis.


The Recreation Council and Stuff-the-Bus toy drives raised more than $50,000 worth of new and unwrapped toys for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness this holiday season. Congratulations to all the volunteers: Tania Markle, Kevin Kane, Karson Kane, Kieran Kane, Jake Netherton, Shannon Quinn, Madison Wilcox, Jim Rudderham, Bob Walker, Sharon Longstreet, Sam Mclean, Chris Nottbeck, Dave McConlin, Randal Romeral, Denise and Patrick Stogianou, Kevin Zenglien, Christian Zenglien, Sharon and Kyle Longstreet, Kendra Scrimgeour and Coleen Laffey.

2014 TTC Stuff-the-Bus toy drive.

Holiday construction at Bloor-Yonge

Special Events Co-ordinator Bill Marushiak proudly looks on as subway riders got a special holiday treat at Bloor-Yonge Station this month. Marushiak constructed an animated display window complete with moving trains and sparkling ornaments, which can be seen at the platform level until the new year.

Special holiday display window at Bloor-Yonge Station.

Holiday wishes from Wilson Carhouse

Wilson Carhouse employees raised a $1,700, which was used to purchase new toys and clothing donated to Recreation Council’s toy drive for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness. Electronic Equipment Repairperson Giuseppe Barone showed off the goods.

Wilson Carhouse toy drive.

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