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Commission seal 5/28/21 6:00 PM

TTC Board, City Council approve purchase of 60 accessible streetcars

City Council unanimously approved the TTC’s capital budget amendment for the purchase of 60 new accessible streetcars and upgrades to Hillcrest Complex on May 26.

At a special TTC Board meeting on Tuesday (May 25), Commissioners voted in favour of amending the current streetcar contract to include an additional 47 streetcars to complete the 60-car order for Toronto. The first deliveries are scheduled to start in late 2023. This purchase will bring the total fleet size to 264 by 2025.

Funding for the first 13 streetcars was included in the TTC’s 2021-2030 Capital Budget and Plan; approved by Commissioners last December, and Council in February. The TTC executed a contract with Alstom for those first 13 cars in March.

The recent funding commitments by federal, provincial and City partners allow us to secure the additional vehicles as well as much-needed investments at Hillcrest, to accommodate an expanded fleet. Our Streetcar Program now gives us the ability to provide reliable and accessible service for decades to come. Currently, streetcar service on a number of routes is being supported by 50 buses. This investment worth $568 million will allow us to relocate those vehicles back to the bus network where they are needed.

Investments in public infrastructure, transit especially, is critical to local and national economies as we begin to put the pandemic behind us and welcome customers back to the system. These new streetcars will contribute to a reduction in gridlock and provide faster, more frequent and environmentally friendly TTC service. This will also contribute to the city’s prosperity as this funding is a recognition of the importance of Torontonians being able to get places efficiently.

At the special meeting, Chair Robinson and I publicly expressed our gratitude to federal and provincial funding partners; to Commissioners, City Councillors and Mayor Tory for their confidence and support as we continue to modernize the TTC and transform our service.

We also thanked Vehicle Programs Head Bem Case, Corporative Initiatives Head Karen Thorburn, and supporting staff, who were integral in making this investment a reality. It’s truly amazing that only last fall the Board approved our Fleet Plan and today we have the funding to procure the full program of new streetcars. Further details of the Board’s decision on May 25 can be found in the highlights below.

The special meeting can be viewed on the Official TTC YouTube Channel. The next regular scheduled virtual Board meeting is on Wednesday, June 16.

Latest 10-day closure complete
Yesterday morning (May 27), normal subway service resumed on Line 1, between St George and St Andrew stations, after being closed since May 17. The extended closures through this stretch of track were necessary to perform a variety of essential maintenance and state-of-good-repair work. Some of the major works finished by crews include:
> Completion of 44,000 square feet of asbestos abatement at St Patrick and Queen’s Park platforms, saving about two years of platform closures/trains bypassing at each station.
> Removal of 3,000 square feet of transite conduit and installation of new, high-capacity traction power cables.

Accelerating this work during a period of reduced ridership has spared our customers between 75 and 100 weekend closures over the next few years. Thanks to everyone involved in this massive effort during the pandemic.

Please keep well and stay safe.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
May 28, 2021

TTC Board Highlights (May 2021)

TTC Special Board Meeting May 25, 2021

TTC Streetcar Program – Procurement of 60 accessible streetcars
At a special meeting of the TTC Board, Commissioners approved a report on the TTC Streetcar Program that authorizes TTC staff to exercise the contractual option, and enter into any necessary contract amendments for the supply of 47 additional streetcars under the current contract with Alstom SA. Subject to required approvals, the TTC will exercise the option for the additional streetcars by May 31, 2021.

The TTC Streetcar Program is estimated at a total worth of $568 million, which includes funding for the modernization of Hillcrest Complex. Funding for the first 13 vehicles was included in the TTC’s 2021-2030 Capital Budget and Plan approved by Commissioners last December and City Council in February.

The staff report was approved with the following recommendations:
1. Approve the following expenditure adjustments to the TTC’s 2021-2030 Capital Budget and Plan for the TTC Streetcar Program by:
    > Increasing the 2021-2030 Approved Capital Budget and Plan by $425.785 million to a total of $568 million for the TTC Streetcar Program to reflect the procurement of an additional 47 streetcars at an incremental cost of $328.248 million, and modifications to Hillcrest Complex to accommodate the additional fleet at an additional cost of $97.537 million; and
    > Amending the 2021 Capital Budget and 2022-2027 cash flow funding estimates to align with the estimated project delivery schedule (outlined in the Board report).
2. Approve the following funding adjustments to offset the incremental expenditure increase of $425.785 million for the TTC Streetcar Program by:
    > Adding provincial and federal funding to include a $180 million contribution from each order of government for a total of $360 million;
    > Withdrawing $65.785 million from the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) Working Capital Reserve Fund with cash flows of $55.629 million in 2021 and $10.156 million in 2022 to fund planned TYSSE capital works in 2021 and 2022 and replace the current debt funding allocated to this project; and
    > Reallocate the now released debt funding to the TTC Streetcar Program as the City’s share to fund the balance of the incremental $425.785 million increase to the Program.
3. Request City Council to approve the 2021-2030 TTC Capital Budget and Plan amendments for the TTC Streetcar Program identified in Recommendation 1 and Recommendation 2.
4. Delegate authority to the TTC CEO to execute any agreements or documents required to exercise the contractual option for the supply of 47 additional streetcars under the current contract with Alstom, subject to City Council approval of the amended TTC Capital Budget and Plan per Recommendation 3.

Next meeting of the TTC Board
The next regular scheduled virtual TTC Board Meeting will be on Wednesday, June 16.


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