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Commission seal 7/9/21 6:00 PM

Board meeting this week

This week (July 7) we had our last Board meeting before the summer break where the Board addressed several vital reports. A summary of decisions taken can be found in the Highlights below.

In my opening remarks to Commissioners this week I took the opportunity to update the Board on the Executive’s recent virtual sessions with overnight crews in Subway Infrastructure. These meetings followed onsite visits that took place last October, when we listened to workers’ safety concerns and committed to solutions, specifically relating to processes at track level, structures, electrical and signals workers.

Since those site visits, 50 action items were identified to improve maintenance practices and procedures, update training practices, as well as make investments to bring existing facilities up to standard. I’m pleased to say that the follow-up was well-received and we have been working closely with employees to implement solutions.

Efforts have resulted in 30 action items being resolved – nine additional items resulting in future initiatives, and 11 items with solutions in progress. Actions taken to date have included increased frequency of the clearing of facilities, better sourcing and distribution of appropriate PPE, and additional vehicles to properly transport employees for snow removal activities, while following COVID-19 physical distancing protocols.

The Executive Team will continue to monitor the progress of outstanding items and future initiatives, as well as provide updates to employees through local management and/or Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings.

As always, the full meeting can be viewed on the Official TTC YouTube Channel. The next Board meeting is on Wednesday, September 15.

Workplace visits
Over the past few weeks, I’ve visited a number of work locations, including Transit Control, OTC, Streetcar Way, Harvey Shop, Leslie Barns and Wheel-Trans. Making direct connections with employees is something that’s very important to me, and I’m looking forward to hearing from more employees about the issues that matter most to you.

A couple of highlights from the past few visits include chatting with crews at Leslie Barns about the purchase of 60 new streetcars for our network. I also had a chance to speak with them about a new program we are working on with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Centennial College and Metrolinx to create the first light-rail/streetcar apprenticeship program – including developing the curriculum to go with it. This program is important so when Line 5 opens, and LRTs in Hamilton and Ottawa enter service, there’s enough expertise to go around.

The visit to Lakeshore was a chance to get a closer look at our new seven-metre Pro Master bus. The first 20 of these vehicles begin arriving later this year, with another 110 expected by the end of 2022. Our team has worked very closely with ACAT on this procurement and we’re extremely grateful for their insights.

More site visits are in the works and I look forward to connecting with you in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great and safe summer. See you soon at my next site visit or riding the system.

Stay safe.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
July 9, 2021

TTC Board Meeting Highlights (July 2021)

TTC Board Meeting July 7, 2021

TTC Board receives Embracing Diversity update
Board members received for information a report on Embracing Diversity: New TTC Fare Inspector and Special Constable Complaints (FISCC) Office and 2020 Annual Report. The report introduced the new complaints office, which was launched on June 30.

Guided by principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, impartiality and accountability, the FISCC Office is responsible for:
> Receiving, reviewing, investigating and resolving misconduct complaints involving Fare Inspectors and Special Constables, and/or complaints regarding a policy or service of the Special Constable Service or Revenue Protection departments;
> Providing an accessible and streamlined public complaints process for the public to bring forward their complaints;
> Conducting impartial, thorough and fair investigations into alleged misconduct, and reaching findings and conclusions without influence of TTC management, employees and the public; and
> Publicly reporting complaint numbers and outcomes to ensure transparency.

The TTC is committed to providing transit services that are respectful, inclusive and free from harassment, discrimination and violence. The TTC has made changes to its public complaint processes for Fare Inspectors and Special Constables to be more streamlined and accessible so the public can hold the TTC accountable to its commitment. To assist in the intake of complaints, the TTC engaged its Customer Service Centre, which has longer service hours, and various accessible formats for a member of the public to submit a complaint. Complaints can be made in numerous languages through both the website and customer centre.

Osgoode Interlocking Incident presentation
As directed by the TTC Board at its June meeting, TTC staff delivered a public presentation on the June 2020 Osgoode Interlocking Incident on Line 1. Members of the TTC Executive Team spoke in detail on the near-miss train incident between Osgoode and St Andrew stations, subsequent investigation and changes that were implemented or are in progress, and continued modernization efforts of the subway system.

The TTC Safety Department and external third-party investigations established the incident occurred as a result of human error, and although it had no impact on service and avoided any injuries or damage to infrastructure, it should never have happened.

Last month, Commissioners directed the TTC CEO to alert the Board when an incident meeting the identified thresholds for escalation occurs and subsequently report to the Board once a comprehensive review or investigation has been completed.

Advancing Easier Access construction
Commissioners approved a number of reports that advance easier access construction at the following subway stations: Castle Frank, High Park, Old Mill, Rosedale and Summerhill. The TTC’s Easier Access Phase III Project is scheduled to make all remaining subway stations accessible by 2025.

Contract for SAP Time and Attendance project
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $29.1 million (inclusive of HST non-refundable tax) to IBM Canada Ltd. for the system implementation services, hardware and software for the SAP Time and Attendance project. The contract term is for five years, with three optional extensions for the hardware and software maintenance at the TTC’s sole discretion.

The following motions moved by TTC Chair Jaye Robinson were also approved:
> That the TTC Board direct the TTC CEO to report back by Q4 2021 with a summary of all technology systems in use across the organization, including:
   - The status of the systems and integration across the organization;
   - Data and insights from each system; and
   - A plan to ensure that the various systems are supporting service improvements and
providing value.
> That the TTC Board request the TTC CEO to report back by Q4 2021 on the creation of an organization-wide Innovation and Sustainability program at the TTC, with a mandate to advance planning, delivery, integration and reporting of innovation initiatives, while
incorporating a climate and resiliency lens.

Next meeting of the TTC Board
The next scheduled TTC Board Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 15.


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