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Celebrating our differences during Diversity Month

As many of you know, April is Diversity Month, and I hope you all took some time to reflect on diversity and inclusion in your everyday lives. I continue to be proud of the work we are, and will be, doing in these areas. Our new Chief Diversity and Culture Officer, Keisha Campbell, has had a busy first 30 days, and she shares some of her key focuses in her message (linked below). It is a good chance to get to know Keisha and also some of the work she will be spearheading with her team.

Message from Keisha Campbell – April 30, 2021

Making headway on extended closures
We’re heading into the first week of May with work well underway on our fourth 10-day subway closure since the start of the pandemic. Track work and switch installation between Sheppard West and Wilson stations is scheduled for completion on May 5, with regular subway service resuming at 6 a.m. the following day.

As you know, the TTC has been capitalizing on reduced ridership caused by the pandemic and accelerating vital state-of-good-repair work. In fact, during the previous two extended closures earlier this year, staff took the opportunity to survey customers on their satisfaction with our service, including bus shuttles, and whether they were supportive of the 10-day closures. Responses have proven very favourable. Of the 1,420 customers surveyed during the March closure, 93 per cent of weekday customers were satisfied with the service and 84 per cent supported the closure. During the earlier April closure, 1,513 customers were surveyed; 88 per cent of weekday customers were satisfied with the service, and 82 per cent supported the closure.

I want to thank all the teams who have helped make these closures a success. It takes a lot of planning and a great deal of work. I look forward to sharing with you all that was accomplished in the weeks ahead.

Chester second entrance/exit opened
Last week, we opened the secondary entrance/exit at Chester Station – a construction project that finished ahead of schedule. This beautifully constructed building is located across from the station’s main entrance and includes two PRESTO-enabled fare gates.

Planning and locating subway station second exits is an extensive and collaborative effort involving multiple TTC departments, contractors and local working groups made up of area residents. I’d like to extend my congratulations and thanks to staff and crews from the Engineering, Construction and Expansion, Operations and Corporate Affairs groups for excellent teamwork.

Employees across the organization have done a lot of hard work adapting to the pandemic this year, and I celebrate every vaccination that brings us closer to some sort of normalcy. I know there is there still a long way to go, but every dose is a victory for the safety of our community and our workplaces.

Stay safe, everyone.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
April 30, 2021

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