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Commission seal 12/17/20 6:00 PM

Holiday Greetings to everyone!

As we quickly approach the holiday season, and before many begin some well-deserved time-off, I would like to thank all of you for your commitment and dedication to your work, as well as for ensuring the ever-important job of safety, service and courtesy to the public we serve.

I’d like to extend best wishes and thanks from the Executive Team and senior management. We’re all incredibly proud of this organization and for everything that you do to support one another.

This is a wonderful time of year, especially as it gives me an opportunity to extend congratulations to our longest-serving people. Words alone can’t express gratitude for your service, dedication and continued contributions to the TTC’s growth and success.

Thank-you and best wishes to the following who’ve achieved big milestones in 2020:

50 years of service
Ronald Aguiar, Stations

45 years of service
Douglas Cummings, Streetcar Infrastructure
James Daly, Stations
John Keeling, Plant Maintenance
Nizar Visram, Bus Maintenance and Shops

40 years of service
Joanne Ball, Legal
Shamshudim Daya, Research and Analytics
Byron Ennis, Danforth Division
Leong Goh, IT Services
John McLelland, Plant Maintenance
Brian Sellwood, Arrow Road Division
Jimmy Tsorlinis, Bus Maintenance and Shops

We’re all inspired by their commitment and the pride they’ve taken in their work. It’s what makes the TTC one of the most visible and vital public service organizations in the GTHA.

Personal and team achievements do not go unnoticed at the TTC. And while formal Rewards and Recognition celebrations have taken a pause during the pandemic, I’d like to assure everyone that staff are exploring new and different ways to enhance these initiatives and celebrations in the new year.

As we continue to prepare for next week’s Special Board meeting on the TTC Budgets, please take a moment to read highlights of Commission decisions approved on December 15 (see below).

Please take care if you’re at home or working through the holidays. I look forward to seeing you all in 2021 – our 100th anniversary year.

Happy holidays and stay safe!

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
December 17, 2020

TTC Board Meeting Highlights (December 2020)

TTC Board Meeting Highlights December 15, 2020

Embracing diversity at the TTC
Following remarks by CEO Rick Leary, Chief Diversity and Culture Officer (interim) Gemma Piemontese and external consultant Arleen Huggins, Partner at Koskie Minsky LLP, Board members took action on two reports: approved Item #7: Embracing Diversity: the TTC’s 10-Point Action Plan and Five-Year Diversity and Human Rights Plan; and received Item #8: Interim Report from the TTC’s External Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion, Arleen Huggins.

Commissioners also adopted two motions moved by Commissioner Brad Bradford:
> Item #7: Request that TTC staff consider options for publishing online, any in other places, progress of the TTC’s 10-Point Action Plan and Five-Year Diversity and Human Rights Plan, such as dashboard-style tracker on the TTC website, to update the public on progress of key anti-Black racism initiatives, and to include an update on this request in Q2 2021.
> Item #8: Request the TTC CEO report through the 2021 budget process on any additional resources required to implement critical anti-Black racism measures within the organization.

The 10-Point Action Plan represents 10 things the TTC can do in the short-term to begin to effect positive change with respect to diversity and inclusion at the organization. Embrace Diversity: the Five-Year Diversity and Human Rights Plan are the approaches the TTC is adopting over a longer time horizon to further support moving these priorities forward. The 10 action items are: 
1. Structure for Success by aligning workplace relationships to reflect diversity and inclusion as top priorities.
2. Appoint a Third Party Advisor to review and assess existing practices.
3. Third Party Review of Data in several key areas.
4. Recruit women and diversity into Transit Operations with women representing at least four in every 10 new hires commencing in 2021.
5. Refocus outreach and recruitment strategies.
6. Review Communications with a Diversity and Inclusion Lens.
7. Organizational Training, including front-line training.
8. Establish a procurement policy grounded in equity and diversity.
9. Revenue Protection and Special Constable Services to report to the Chief Strategy and Customer Officer.
10. Learn from International Best Practice and develop strategic partnerships.

February 7, 2020 – Investigative Report
After deputations from the public, including one from Toronto Ombudsman Susan Opler, Commissioners received an investigative report by Rubin Thomlinson LLP into an altercation involving Special Constables and Fare Inspectors and a passenger on the 501 Queen streetcar on February 7, 2020. The Board endorsed TTC management’s response in the staff report and approved the following motion moved by Commissioner Shelley Carroll:
> Request the TTC CEO, in consultation with the external advisor (Arleen Huggins) to consider the creation of a stakeholder advisory group for the ongoing review of Revenue Protection and Special Constable Service; and
> Direct the TTC CEO to discuss stakeholder engagement with the external advisor and report back in February 2021 as part of the status report on the Ombudsman’s recommendation.

Rubin Thomlinson’s report made four recommendations in the areas of mental health awareness training, independent note-taking by staff in the aftermath of an incident, use of force by Fare Inspectors and removal of a court-imposed ban of an individual travelling on the 501 Queen route that the TTC has committed to addressing.

2021 Annual Service Plan
Following a detailed presentation by Service Planning and Scheduling Head Mark Mis, Board members approved the 2021 Annual Service Plan (ASP). The ASP proposes more than 9.3 million annual service hours for regular (operating) service and a further 138,000 hours to mitigate service delays associated with Eglinton and Finch West LRT construction.

Regular operating service will decrease by 303,000 annual service hours as compared to the budgeted annual service hours in 2020 (mostly due to the TTC’s response to the pandemic). The decrease in annual service hours results in an operating cost savings of approximately $20.5 million in the 2021 Operating Budget relative to the 2020 Operating Budget. This operating cost savings will be included in the TTC 2021 Operating Budget to be considered by the TTC Board at its meeting on December 21.

The Board also approved the following motion moved by Commissioner Brad Bradford: > Request the TTC Chief Financial Officer to include in the 2021 Budget submission provisions for continuing the youth engagement team as part of future consultation needs for the Annual Service Plan, with particular focus on recruiting youth from the City’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, to conduct local consultation on surface transit priority corridors.
> Request the TTC Chief Executive Officer to ensure that future updates on implementation status of the 2021 Service Plan and 5-Year Service Plan include the status of all transit priority measures as identified in the TTC’s 5-Year Service Plan and the City’s Surface Transit Network Plan.

The report contains a 20-point action plan that identifies 22 initiatives, including:
> Optimizing capacity on all routes, in all times of day, to accommodate demand by continuing to apply COVID-19 modified capacity thresholds of 50 per cent capacity (i.e. 25 per bus) and adjusting to 70 per cent capacity (i.e. 35 per bus) as ridership increases by year end, as projected.
> Reallocating capacity on the Wilson Avenue and Kingston Road corridors to provide community access in neighbourhood improvement areas by scheduling:
   - Local bus service in the peak periods, from Monday to Friday, to connect the Stanley Greene neighbourhood to Line 1 Yonge-University at Wilson Station.
   - Midday service on the 12D Kingston Rd and the 119 Torbarrie by applying an equitylens to service planning.
> Routing changes to the 107 St Regis and 117 Alness-Chesswood in York University Heights’s employment lands to improve performance.
> Routing changes to the 121 Fort-York Esplanade in the Downtown to improve performance.
> Routing changes to the 54 Lawrence East, 86 Scarborough, 95 York Mills, 116 Morningside, 905 Eglinton East Express and establishing the 178 Brimorton and 938 Highland Creek Express to improve travel times, community access and capacity, based on demand, for customers in Scarborough East.

The report also directs TTC staff to include the funding requirements noted in the Financial Summary for consideration in the TTC 2021 Operating and 2021-2030 Capital Plan deliberations; and forward the 2021 ASP to all City Councillors, the Deputy City Manager, Infrastructure and Development Services, General Manager of Transportation Services, Chief Planner, all members of the City Mobility Table, as well as the General Managers of Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, Metrolinx, MiWay and York Region Transit.

2021 Subway Closure Forecast
Commissioners approved the 2021 subway closure schedule to accelerate ATC installation and state-of-good-repair and construction work while continuing to leverage low ridership projections next year as follows:
> 37 Full Weekend Closures, including three back-up closures for ATC testing (31 on Line 1 and six on Line 2).
> Two Single-Day Closures (one on Line 1 and one on Line 2).
> Six Late-Sunday Openings (all on Line 2).
> 197 Early Weeknight Closures (175 on Line 1, 18 on Line 2 and four on Line 4).

The report notes that the TTC anticipates that the number of weekend closures will be reduced in 2022 as both the Line 1 ATC and the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit projects are scheduled to conclude, leaving weekend closures to be scheduled for state of good repair and key capital projects.

To date in 2020, the TTC has conducted: 27 full weekend closures, 13 single-day closures, seven late openings, 41 early closures (138 early nights), one four-day closure and a 10-day closure.

TTC Board thanks retiring ACAT members
Board members thanked retiring members of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit who complete their terms at the end of the year: Anita Dressler, Jessica Geboers, Marian McDonell, Bobbi Moore and Chair Mazin Aribi. The following new members begin their threeyear terms on January 1: Gwyneth Danzell, Jonathan Marriott, Craig Nicol, Laurie Sue Robertson and Janice Shachter.

TTC Board meeting schedule for 2021
Commissioners approved the 2021 schedule of Board meetings as follows (held at 10 a.m. unless otherwise indicated): Wednesday, February 10; Wednesday, April 14; Wednesday, May 12; Wednesday, June 16; Wednesday, July 7; Wednesday, September 15; Wednesday, November 17; and Wednesday, December 8.

TTC Audit and Risk Management Committee meeting schedule for 2021
Commissioners approved the 2021 schedule of Audit and Risk Management Committee meetings as follows (held at 8:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated): Thursday, February 25; Thursday, June 3; Thursday, September 9; and Thursday, December 2.

Special meeting of the TTC Board
Commissioners will hold a special virtual Board meeting regarding the 2021 Operating and Capital Budgets on Monday, December 21, 2020. 


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