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Commission seal 8/20/20 3:30 PM

Extending the working from home timelines

As we approach Labour Day, we are encouraged by the positive news of fewer cases of COVID-19. However, as we progress toward business as usual, we recognize the need to tread cautiously and continue to follow public health advice.

We recognize there are many functions that can still be performed remotely and therefore, for office staff who are currently performing their duties at home, we will be extending the work from home timelines until January 2021. This will allow us to keep you safe while we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation across the city and province, and it enables us to continue finalizing our return to workplace (RTW) planning.

We understand each individual will have unique circumstances, and although some employees may prefer to work out of the office, this is a work from home first approach. Therefore, where feasible, you should be working remotely rather than entering your office space.

That being said, please understand that depending on the nature of your work, there may be a requirement to have some employees return to the office in the coming weeks/months. We will be communicating more about our RTW planning efforts in the next few weeks. The RTW plans will ensure our TTC offices remain safe and that there is a co-ordinated effort across floors and buildings to avoid overcrowding and the spread of COVID-19 where there is a need to have employees come in.

For now, if you need to go into the office on an ad-hoc basis, you must obtain permission from your direct Manager. Again, the expectation at this time is that you continue to work from home, unless your Manager or Supervisor advises otherwise.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the extended work from home timelines, please speak to your Manager or Supervisor.

Thank you and stay safe.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
August 20, 2020

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