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Wheel-Trans working non-stop to help keep our customers, staff safe

Wheel-Trans Head Dwayne Geddes 8/31/20 6:00 PM

By Dwayne Geddes

As we started the year, we were excited to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Wheel-Trans delivering service to millions of customers since its inception. We were ready to highlight the thoughtful and innovative initiatives our team has been working on over the past year that enhance the Wheel-Trans experience and more.

When COVID-19 hit, it changed the way we live, think and what we thought we knew to be our future.

Since March, our team has been working non-stop to help keep our customers and staff safe.

Some of the COVID-19 safety initiatives we have put into place include:
> Offering solo rides to customers.
> Providing special transport to symptomatic customers requiring life-sustaining treatments.
> Screening customers carefully during trip booking to ensure proper service is provided.
> Providing Personal Protective Equipment to all of our Wheel-Trans Operators and Taxi Drivers to help keep customers and themselves safe.
> Ongoing special cleaning of all Wheel-Trans vehicles to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
> Collaborating with Taxi Services to have safety partitions installed in ATs.
> Practicing safe physical distancing measures and ongoing sanitation of workspaces at our Wheel-Trans facilities.
> Screening our staff at our main Wheel-Trans Division daily at our on-site Health Screening Station.

I would like to say a big thank you to our customers, our staff and the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit for coming together and supporting one another during this challenging time. We could not get through this without you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We will be in touch again soon. Please stay safe and well.

Originally published in the summer 2020 edition of the TTC’s Access newsletter for Wheel-Trans riders.

Back Track: The year was 1975

TTC pilots Wheel-Trans

A two-year demonstration project designed and operated to provide transportation to and from work for a group of persons with disabilities who are confined to wheelchairs or otherwise unable to use public transportation began on February 3, 1975. The project, called Wheel-Trans, is operated for the TTC by Wheelchair Mobile Services Limited, a private company experienced in providing transportation for the disabled. The 49 persons with disabilities participating in the project were provided with transportation between their homes and their work locations within Metropolitan Toronto at the regular TTC Adult ticket rate. A six-month review of the service indicated that passenger response to the pilot project was enthusiastic and that Wheel-Trans was satisfactorily meeting the home-to-work-to-home transportation needs of the working people it was serving. Funding for the project was being shared equally by the Province of Ontario and Metropolitan Toronto.

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