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Message from the PFS President and Vice President

PFS logo 4/28/20 8:47 AM

TTC Pension Fund Society Members:

We have all been challenged, at work and at home, by COVID-19 and its ripple effects on consumers, businesses and financial markets.  You are not alone if you are concerned not only about your health and well-being, but also about your pension plan and financial security. We want to reassure you that your pension plan continues to be managed, as always, with your benefit security and long-term sustainability as the top priorities.

The pension plan’s investment portfolio is diversified across multiple asset classes, countries and industries. All plan assets are managed by investment professionals under the close watch of the Pension Fund Society Board, who will continue to vigilantly monitor the plan’s assets and financial situation. To date, the pension plan has absorbed the unprecedented recent market volatility while remaining well within its targeted financial integrity limits.

As communicated earlier this month, the Pension Fund Society’s 2019 Annual General Meeting has been postponed, tentatively to September 2020. During the intervening time, the Board will continue to monitor markets closely to ensure that it has the most complete information possible when assessing the appropriateness of potential benefit updates. A final decision regarding benefit updates will be reached prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Employees can calculate their pension by accessing the estimator through The Coupler (Pension Estimator link found on the bottom menu bar). The Pension Estimator lets you calculate as many estimates as you wish. The PFS will be sending out the 2019 Annual Entitlement Statement in June. We recommend that you use the information provided to you in your most recent Annual Entitlement Statement to simplify your data entry and increase your accuracy in the Pension Estimator. As always, staff are available to answer any questions that you may have, feel free to reach out to the Pension Office at pfs@ttc.ca.

Best Regards,

Carlos Santos
TTC Pension Fund Society

Orest Kobylansky
Vice President
TTC Pension Fund Society

April 2020

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