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TTC adds all night subway service this weekend for Nuit Blanche

9/29/17 6:00 AM

This Saturday night sees the return of the ever popular Nuit Blanche and, once again, the TTC is adding all night subway service to provide quick and easy access to the event.

The subway will run all night on Lines 1 and 2 with a 15-minute service between 1:30 a.m. until 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Extra service will also run on surface routes in and around Nuit Blanche sites.

As well, runners and spectators for Sunday’s CIBC Run for the Cure will benefit from the extended subway hours, an event that will require the temporary diversion of some surface routes. Details can be found at ttc.ca.

In a vibrant city like Toronto, there are exciting events every weekend. It’s a constant challenge to accommodate all of them, while also undertaking essential repair and upgrade work as part of our modernization of the TTC. This weekend, there are no subway closures.

We work closer than ever with the City of Toronto, event organizers and the utilities in a joined-up approach that ensures the success of major events, and that minimize inconvenience when we do require closures and diversions.

Regular co-ordination meetings are held to plan for upcoming events. Our service planners identify what level of additional service is needed and/or any temporary diversions, after which we make the necessary logistical and publicity arrangements to ensure smooth service on the day.

The TTC is proud to be a key partner in promoting this great city. We look forward to helping deliver another unforgettable Nuit Blanche this year.

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