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Next up on Line 1 extension: Pioneer Village Station

11/24/17 6:00 AM

The fourth of our six new stations on the soon-to-be-opened Line 1 extension to York Region is Pioneer Village.

Named for the nearby history centre, Pioneer Village Station straddles the border between Toronto and York Region. Each municipality has its own station entrance and these are connected in subterranean passageways beneath Steeles Avenue.

The station was originally going to be called Steeles West and the architectural finishes reflect this in extensive use of striking weathered steel.

There are bus terminals on either side of the station to serve TTC and York Region buses respectively, a large commuter car park and extensive bike parking and storage facilities.

Pioneer Village Station has been designed to easily accommodate a future LRT route along Steeles Avenue when that becomes a reality.

Come and see the station for yourself when the line opens on Dec. 17th!

Please note: A transaction between Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and Torstar announced on Nov. 27, 2017 resulted in the closing of 21 community newspapers in Ontario, including 24 Hours Toronto free daily paper. As a result, the editorial above was the last published Connecting Toronto column by CEO Andy Byford.

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