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30 days to go: York University Station

11/17/17 6:00 AM

The third station on the soon-to-be-opened Line 1 extension to Vaughan sits right in the heart of York University campus.

York University Station is a truly stunning addition to the university campus. It features two covered entry wings that rise up to the north and south sides of the Common.

The architect’s vision was to have natural light flood down from surface level through the concourse and down to the platforms, and this has been achieved in spectacular fashion via a landscaped light scoop that harvests light and creates a vibrant, airy space.

The station features striking concrete beams and dramatic artwork, all designed to truly contribute to the urban landscape of the university campus.

Existing TTC bus service that presently serves the university will be diverted to Finch West and Pioneer Village stations from opening day on Dec. 17. For a period, York Region and other transit providers will continue to serve the university campus.

The opening of a subway station on campus at York has been a long-held dream for the university. It will be a beautiful reality in just a few weeks’ time.

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