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Focus on driving down TTC delays is paying off

5/5/17 6:00 AM

While the talk of the town is often transit expansion, our main focus over the past five years has been to make the existing transit system more reliable.

To that end, we have been putting huge effort and resources into modernizing our fleet, into swapping out old, unreliable equipment for new technology, and into taking action to address and eliminate the root causes of delay.

This approach has been applied to each and all of our modes. Route Supervisors have been recruited to improve the on-time performance of our surface routes while Station Supervisors have been deployed to resolve subway delays more quickly.

Our infrastructure teams have moved to a proactive maintenance regime, meaning that we aim to fix equipment before, rather than after, it fails.

We are also taking action to reduce the impact of delays that are outside our direct control. To that end, we just launched a courtesy campaign to guide customers on how they can help the TTC run more smoothly.

In 2014, I challenged my team to deliver a 50-per-cent reduction, within five years, in both the number and duration of delays across all modes. Right now, we are on track to deliver that improvement and we won’t rest until we meet or exceed it.

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