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Keeping the TTC safe and secure: if you see something, say something

6/9/17 6:00 AM

The recent terrible events in the U.K. provide a stark reminder that we must never lower our guard in terms of safety and security.

We work very closely with Toronto Police and other law enforcement agencies in Canada to understand and act on up-to-date intelligence about recent incidents and any perceived or actual threat to Toronto and the TTC. This is in addition to our staff being trained to look for, and respond to, suspicious items or activity.

While it is impossible to anticipate every eventuality, emergency exercises are held to practice our response to a range of scenarios. We also have CCTV in subway stations and in vehicles to monitor safety on platforms, for example, but also to aid in the investigation of a crime that may occur on the TTC.

One of the most effective ways to keep the TTC safe and secure is with the help of our 1.8 million daily riders to act as our eyes and ears. By keeping your belongings with you, by responding to staff instructions in case of emergencies, and by reporting suspicious activity to TTC staff or Toronto Police, you can do your part to keep the TTC one of the safest transit systems in the world.

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