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TTC looking to expand express bus network

6/16/17 6:00 AM

This week (June 15), the TTC Board considered a report recommending the phased expansion of express bus routes over the next 10 years.

Buses form the backbone of the TTC network. Express bus services enable us to bring rapid transit to suitable routes in far less time than would be required to build light rail or subway. With limited stops, express buses are ideal for routes where customer journeys are longer than those taken on a local service, and where journey time is an important factor.

These new express routes will feature high-capacity, articulated vehicles and transit priority measures, such as transit signal priority and queue jump lanes to cut journey times and attract new riders.

The TTC is committed to a modern and efficient system that incorporates all modes of transit in an integrated network. In some cases, express bus routes are forerunners for higher-order transit such as light rail, once ridership has reached a certain threshold.

An expanded express bus network is another important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of a modernized TTC.

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