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TTC Leslie Barns completion marks major milestone

11/6/15 6:00 AM

This month, a major milestone will be reached in the modernization of Toronto’s streetcar network when we begin moving into our new, state-of the-art streetcar facility, the Leslie Barns.

Situated at the southeast corner of Lake Shore Boulevard and Leslie Street, the Barns will be the primary streetcar maintenance facility, as well as servicing and storage base for our incoming fleet of high capacity, accessible, air-conditioned streetcars, the first 10 of which now serve the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina routes.

This facility complements two existing, smaller streetcar carhouses and will enable us to carry out heavy maintenance on the new cars, as well as overnight storage, cleaning and pre-service checks. Suspended catwalks give technicians access to roof-borne equipment, while inspection pits enable crews to check brakes, trucks and other under-floor gear, safely and efficiently.

The storage yard and tracks adjacent to the main building will accommodate up to 100 vehicles, and a dedicated connection track has been constructed along Leslie Street to allow access to and from Queen Street East.

Finally, the building has been designed to meet the very latest environmental standards. A storm water pond will collect rain water for reuse, for example, and various features have been incorporated to reduce ambient noise. The city’s largest green roof is also a unique and noticeable feature of the facility – one we’re immensely proud of.

While the Leslie Barns will become fully operational later this year, the streetscaping and landscaping outside the Barns – and in the community – will be completed next spring. Businesses and residents in the area have endured prolonged construction and disruption and we thank them for their patience. The Leslie Barns represents a major investment‎ in Toronto’s transit network and is a key element in our ongoing modernization of your TTC.


Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) customers have endured an unacceptably high number of delays this week due to a series of unrelated infrastructure problems. While the common denominator is the age and increasing unreliability of track and signals equipment, I have challenged my team to find immediate ways to improve service to an acceptable level. Thanks for your patience – this is a top priority for my team.

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