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Improving your TTC one day at a time

11/21/14 6:00 AM

I liken running a transit system to the movie Groundhog Day: every day the challenge starts afresh, applying lessons learned from the day before as we strive to improve.

We at the TTC are working very hard to get the basics of our service delivery right. Daily conference calls ‎are convened, looking at each delay incident to identify root cause, capture lessons learned and implement corrective actions.

In parallel, we are adopting a more proactive approach to the maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure to increase their reliability, fixing problems before they occur.

The ultimate solution is to replace worn out assets well before they reach the end of their life cycle. The London Underground has achieved significant performance improvement as a result of sustained investment in vehicles, track and signals.

We are moving in that direction here in Toronto. Our Toronto Rocket trains, the new articulated buses and the new streetcars are all proving to be increasingly reliable. This, coupled with ‎the work we are doing to progressively upgrade signals on Line 1 of the subway, means big reliability improvements are in the offing.

Upgrading track and signals takes a long time because it can only be done when trains aren’t running. The first job is to stabilize and update the current, conventional signalling, while at the same time, install computerized signals and automatic train control to enable more trains to operate and thereby increase line capacity.

This massive undertaking will be complete by 2020, including replacement of worn out track, after which we will turn our attention to Line 2.

In the meantime, we continue to set out every day to improve the quality and reliability of your service by obsessing about the basics on every mode that we operate.

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