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Getting the basics right key to improved TTC service

5/30/14 6:00 AM

Last week, this column highlighted some of the key projects that are underway to modernize and expand the TTC’s network.

Getting the basics right in the day-to-day delivery of service is equally important – and a priority for me since I took the helm of the TTC.

While it is a fact that the TTC continues to receive the lowest operating subsidy of any major western transit network, I am firmly of the view that many improvements can be delivered through better management and a determination to drive up standards in every part of our operation.

While we will continue to press for sustainable funding from our provincial and federal partners, our efforts are equally focused on improving the basic tenets of your service. This means delivery of cleaner subway stations and vehicles, provision of timely, audible, useful customer information, and maintaining a relentless focus on the punctuality and reliability of the subway and surface transit.

Specific actions underway include a detailed analysis of the root causes of delay (both within and beyond our control) and a review of our schedules to ensure that services run more reliably. Supervisors are being deployed on key surface routes to tackle the long-standing problem of vehicle bunching and gapping, and critical infrastructure is receiving enhanced maintenance to make it less prone to failure.

People performance is equally important. For the TTC to become truly customer-focused, our employees need to feel supported, well-led and encouraged by their managers. Where we are lacking key skills or where fresh thinking is required, new people are brought in.

It will take time and adequate and predictable funding to completely modernize the TTC. But in the meantime, continuous improvement is the mantra that drives the way we now operate.

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