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Learning, adapting, changing keys to TTC’s future

5/16/14 6:00 AM

This week, the TTC hosted the annual meeting of the Nova Group of metros.

Nova is an international family of 16 mid-sized subway systems from around the world that share best practices and associated data, to enable members to improve their individual and collective performance.

It is my honour and privilege to be the Chair of Nova this year and it was good to be able to showcase what the TTC does best, namely delivery of service to 1.7 million daily customers on one of the world’s leading examples of a multi-modal integrated, accessible transit network (bus, streetcar, subway, paratransit).

Facilitated by Imperial College in London, the Group reviewed a suite of key performance indicators, including such measures as the relative efficiency of each subway system against its comparators, operational performance, and safety and security.

The TTC scores very high in comparison to other world metros (subways) in terms of the cost of its operations and the efficiency of its workforce. It also scores very well in terms of the frequency of its service at all times of the day and night. Conversely, the number of operational delays is relatively high compared to our counterparts and is an area that we are aware of and continue to address.

The good news is that the 100-plus initiatives contained within the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan are targeted at precisely those areas where the TTC needs to improve.

Introduction of new trains, upgraded signalling and modernized work practices will deliver a subway fit for the future. Add to that our all-out focus on customer service and we will progressively get the TTC back to being at the forefront of world transit systems.

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