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Customer Charter commits TTC to upping its game for customers

1/17/14 6:00 AM

Next week, we will publish the final set of quarterly results for the TTC’s first Customer Charter.

Launched in early 2013, the Charter committed the TTC to deliver a suite of time-bound promises in five key areas of importance to customers. It was designed to provide tangible evidence of a more customer-focused approach to the TTC – and a determination on our part to up our game.

I am sometimes asked why our Charter, unlike that operated by GO Transit, for example, does not include provision for refunds when service is badly disrupted. There are two reasons for this. First, I would rather spend precious funds on making improvements to the service rather than paying out refunds, including the cost of administering such a program. Secondly, as a city-based network, we are able to offer alternative service, such as shuttle buses, reasonably quickly when things do go wrong.

Having a Customer Charter does more than show good intent. It focuses investment – and management – on achieving defined improvements to your TTC, improvements that come in addition to the service that you already pay for through fares and taxes. It also sends a strong message to our employees that customer service matters. This is a point I reinforce daily with managers and staff.

Your Customer Charter is here to stay and I am pleased to announce that a new suite of charter commitments for 2014 will be announced in the coming weeks. I hope you like what we announce, and that you see it as further evidence of our efforts to improve.

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