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Accommodating all riders – young and old – is TTC’s goal

1/25/13 6:00 AM

This week’s meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission included a public deputation about the use of baby strollers on TTC vehicles, more specifically a request to the TTC to charge extra and/or a limit the number of strollers during peak hours. TTC staff members were asked to look at the issue, and the subject has certainly caught the attention of media and riders alike.

Let me be clear: the TTC will not charge an additional fare for strollers. We do not charge extra for bikes or for luggage, so I don’t see how we could justify having a different policy for the carriage of one particular device. 

As for limiting the number of strollers that can be carried, we will look again at our practice. But this needs to be seen in the context that the TTC is a service for all Torontonians – parents and children included – and many parents rely on the TTC to get their toddlers from A to B. I am loath to enforce a hard and fast rule, rather I look to my Operators to exercise discretion depending on the available space on their vehicle, and to riders to show consideration when using the system.

To me, this is the broader issue. From time to time, we receive complaints from customers about their fellow riders – namely that people block doors, are reluctant to move to the back of vehicles, or take up two seats thereby depriving someone else the chance to sit down. We also receive complaints about backpacks.

To me, the real challenge is the need for us all to be courteous and considerate when using the TTC, especially during the busy peak hours. Simple practices like moving to the back of a busy bus or streetcar and not blocking the doors of the subway train can make a real difference to the smooth running of the system and our ability to accommodate everyone. 

As customer numbers continue to grow, the TTC is adding larger buses and streetcars to its fleet, as well as Toronto Rocket trains, to increase capacity. In parallel, I’d ask riders to do their part and maximize room and respect for others so that we can make travel as safe and pleasant as possible for everyone.

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