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Your safety and security is TTC’s priority

12/20/13 6:00 AM

Last week’s incident at Queen Station that saw police called to deal with an armed man brought into stark focus the need for vigilance on everybody’s part in keeping the TTC safe and secure.

While such events are extremely rare on the subway, the TTC takes your safety and security very seriously. The TTC, in fact, is fitted with numerous features to keep you safe and to ensure assistance is always close at hand.

In addition to the presence of passenger emergency alarms on all trains, and closed-circuit cameras on the Toronto Rocket fleet, all subway stations feature security cameras, public telephones and designated waiting areas with two-way voice intercoms that are monitored by station staff.

Training is equally important. I am pleased to announce that our year-long campaign (and Customer Charter promise) to restore Special Constable status to our team of Transit Enforcement Officers (TEOs) has been approved by the Toronto Police Services Board.

I see this as key in our effort to keep the system safe and secure as our TEOs will no longer have to wait for a police officer to arrive to deal with someone who has broken the law.

This additional status will be afforded to TEOs next year and goes hand-in-hand with other measures to put more staff into stations and on surface vehicles rather than at offices.

Finally, allow me to take this opportunity and wish all TTC customers and staff a very happy holiday season and healthy new year, and for those who celebrate, a very Merry Christmas. We’ll see you back here on Jan. 3, 2014.

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