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50th message dedicated to our driven workforce

8/23/13 6:00 AM

In this, my 50th column for TO Moves, I would like to highlight the many fantastic men and women of the TTC who dedicate their working lives to serving the people of Toronto.

On arriving at the TTC in late 2011, I was struck by the passion, devotion to duty and dedication of the staff, many of whom have served with the TTC for decades and who are themselves, the latest generation of their family to work for North America’s third-largest transit system.

Obviously, much of what goes on at the TTC is invisible to customers and this includes our 24/7 Transit Control and incident-response teams; the teams of employees that keep our vehicles on the road; those that maintain infrastructure; and the various departments that design schedules, publicity and other customer aids, to name just a few.

Working in the public service is not always easy, but on my travels around the network I often see great examples of staff going the extra mile to assist customers, gestures that are rarely reported and that I for one, wish to salute.

You may have noticed that we now feature an employee every week on this page and this is because we value what they do and we hope that you do, too. I know that the TTC service is not perfect and that’s why we have developed a five-year plan to improve all aspects of our operation. A big part of that plan is to develop, coach and better manage our employees so that they feel motivated and encouraged to do their very best, every day.

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