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Visible, effective management key to modernizing the TTC

11/30/12 6:00 AM

Two weeks ago, I talked about the importance of motivated, well-managed staff in delivering improved customer service.

Point eight in our 10-point plan to modernize the TTC calls for visible, effective management. This may seem obvious, but I believe we must do a lot better in the way we manage the TTC and in the management culture that influences staff behaviour, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

One of the first changes I made as CEO was to hold Executive Team meetings at various TTC workplaces, rather than maintain the previous practice of only meeting at our Head Office. By spending more time in the field, my executives and I get to experience the service, find out what really goes on, and critically, get to meet, thank and acknowledge staff and managers at the frontline of the business. 

Of course, there is far more to effective management than mere visibility. We must progressively up our game to run the TTC more efficiently and effectively, and to put customer service and safety as our top priorities. This may require new blood to give us fresh perspectives and it calls for an overhauled, more motivational management style that gets the best out of our people while driving up standards and performance.

We are currently recruiting a team of Group Station Managers, or GSMs, to transform our management of the subway. Based on a long-established concept at the London Underground, GSMs and their teams are empowered to deliver improved standards of customer service, station ambience and safety within their area of control, including bus and streetcar platforms at stations. Being a GSM was the best job I ever had when I was at the Tube; I am convinced that such a concept is needed to modernize the way we serve you.

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