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New vehicles, new equipment part of TTC modernization

11/23/12 6:00 AM

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the official unveiling of the first next-generation streetcar test vehicle. 

We will use this test vehicle and two others to make sure everything works as designed, and to test it on our city’s demanding curves and gradients. Lessons learned will then be fed back to the manufacturer, Bombardier, so that they can build the 204 vehicles that will begin to enter service starting in 2014.

These new streetcars will transform the customer experience across our network, as they are fully accessible and air-conditioned. The cars are designed so that they are ready to handle the new smart card once that is rolled out, and they will offer all-door boarding for a faster, more reliable ride. These vehicles are also bigger than the existing streetcars, thereby providing much-needed additional capacity.

Next year also sees the return of articulated buses on our busiest bus routes. Again, these will be state-of-the-art vehicles to relieve congestion and give you a more pleasant travel experience.

Coupled with the ongoing introduction of Toronto Rocket subway trains, and the planned introduction of the Presto smart card, and a new signal system, the TTC is progressively upgrading its technology, something I see as another key element to modernizing the TTC.

> Many thanks to everyone who attended our final Customer Town Hall meeting of the year at City Hall last week. We received excellent feedback, which is being written up and translated into action for further improvement to the system.

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